#lightworkerhack : self-regulating energy clearing system for your home or space

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Photo by Emily Bauman on Unsplash

I wanted to share a life hack for those of you who are becoming familiar with clearing energy in your space. Or maybe you're an OG but are open to new ideas...

Now there are many ways to clear a space but I won't go into all of that here in this post. I'm giving you a semi-self regulating method that works for me.

Lets just say you have been smudging your space to clear your space... once you have done it regularly and have a momentum going, you can maintain that momentum by using other methods to regulate what you have achieved.

What I have found that works for me is using a combination of Himalayan salt lamps in every bedroom and in the main living spaces, using crystals (selenite, black tourmaline, rose quartz and clear quartz) to grid your home/space as well as invoking the angels to keep the energy elevated, energized and clear as you are guided and as needed.

I will supplement here and there with sound (rattle or music that uplifts me) often because I just love the vibrations that come from them. If I had tingsha's I would so use those too! You can still supplement with other methods as needed and guided.

I found using this combination makes me feel like don't have to sage my home and has worked well for me. I do use sage for other purposes like in preparation to go into mediation or readings.

One space clearing methods that I do as I feel guided is my go-to Angel invocation. It helps with keeping things on the up and up.

I just simply ask as to be surrounded by the Angels and their White Light and ask them to infuse every square inch of my space and home with their energy as well as to help keep myself and my children's vibration and frequency high and in alignment with love and compassion. This was inspired by listening to Melanie Beckler. She always starts off with "I ask 100,00 Angels to..." and I sometimes say that as well.

Another invocation I used to use a lot and still do on occasion is:

"I call upon the Angels and white light to surround my loved ones and me as well as my vehicle, home, office and other possessions. Angels and white light, please shield me (or us) so that only supportive energies come to and from me (or us)." by Doreen Virtue.

Although I don't follow her anymore, this invocation has served me well for many many years. I haven't used it a lot lately but do use it as guided. She did serve well while she was amongst the ranks of metaphysical/spiritual teachers. Regardlesss of what she is doing now, her earlier work served a purpose and it helped me when I started out on my path. This invocation being one one them.

There are many different Angel invocations out there in Google-landia. You can use this one I picked up yeears ago, tweak it or use one that you find that resonates more.

However, if you just love to the act of smudging your space and like to do it often (or whatever other cleansing methods), then go for it! You can use 1 or a combination of methods to clear and energize a space.

As always, take what resonates and leave the rest :)

Sending love...

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