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Power Animal

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

When a Power Animal comes to you as your helper in Spirit, they bring about the specific essence of power which you already have within you but it’s yet to be tapped into or you are having trouble moving past a self sabotaging energy to fully be in that power. A Power Animal lends their unique energy and essence to assist you to get through a phase in life, be able to access their spiritual power for healing from emotional or physical illness, assist in your personal growth, access to higher wisdom, serves as your protector and guardian. The Power Animal is one of the many different types Spirit Guides who contributes to your evolution.

All power animals whether natural or magical, are very special beings and possess extraordinary skills and qualities including the ability to shape-shift into a larger size. Trust that the power animal you identify will be the one you need at this particular time in your life. Do not be disappointed if you find you have a SEEMINGLY insignificant, non-threatening power animal such as a mouse, frog or insect.

Identifying Your Power Animal

In Dreams…

When you are trying to figure out the meaning of your dream, (with your journal or a note pad and pen in hand) think about the animate and inanimate objects in your dream and tune into the feeling of what it meant. For example if you were in an outdoor setting you saw yourself by a specific tree, you would become the tree and feel into it as if you were the tree. Then write out what it feels like. Since each element is most definitely an aspect of you, becoming it as it appeared in your dream will give you a great deal amount of information. In the same way, when you noticed an animal appear in your dream, become that animal. Any aspect of your dream can provide you with a wealth of psychological, emotional and spiritual insight about yourself at this time.

If your Power Animal appears in your dream, rest assured it is there to teach you or make you aware of something significant. If you have a reoccurring dream with the same animal and you haven’t met your Power Animal, ask for a sign, symbol or synchronicity on whether this animal is there to help you through the current phase of your journey. Then pay attention. Journal your dreams. Dreams is an easier way for your Guides to communicate wisdom, insight & guidance to you…we just have to pay attention 🧐

In Meditation…

In addition to identifying your Power Animal through your dream state, you can sit in meditation with the intention to connect to your Power Animal. Collect your Journal or a pad of paper and have it near for recording your thoughts and emotions after you’re done.

Typically a Shaman or a Shamanic Practitioner will journey for you to do a Power Animal Retireval but you can also do achieve the same goal for yourself. However, unless you are a practitioner or perhaps are familiar with the traditional practice, I would suggest you ask your Power Animal to meet you instead of you journeying into their realm to retrieve them. So Ima tweak this for you 😊

Here is how you can keep simple:

1. Find a time and place when and where you will be undisturbed. Turn off all distractions to include your phone.

2. You can sit or lie down. While keeping your spine straight, make yourself comfortable as possible

3. Close your eyes and Connect with Your Spirit by taking 3 deep belly breathes

4. Focus on relaxing every part of your body

5. Once fully relax and as you continue to breathe deeply, engage your 3rd sight by imagining yourself standing in a field of wild flowers. Start walking. Notice what is around you. Where do you end up? Are you by water? Sand? Forest? or are you still in the field?

6. You notice an animal appearing in the distance. This is your Power Animal meeting you half way. Next thing you see is Your Power Animal suddenly appearing before you.

7. Ask "Are you here to help me through this phase in my life to be the best version of me?"

Allow it to speak to you telepathically, mind to mind.

8. Ask to tell you about itself.

9. Ask how it can help you in the area of your life you are seeking help in.

10. Once your conversation is done and when you feel ready, Thank your Power Animal for helping you and ask it to stay near to help guide you on a daily basis.

If you try this and you care to share, let me know how it went for you 😼

Calling Out to Your Power Animal

Your Power Animal is always with you but it helps to call it forward so you can consciously engage and interact with its energy. There are many ways you can do this. You can do this either by drumming, singing, chanting or you can keep it simple by telepathically speaking to your Power Animal with reverence and respect in meditation.

Here is how you can keep simple:

1. Find a time and place when and where you can be alone.

2. You can stand or sit

3. Connect with Your Spirit by taking 3 deep belly breathes

4. You can begin calling out to your animal either by telepathic communication (in your mind), if you have a drum you can start drumming or call to it by singing in a way you like with intention of calling your Power Animal to you. (Experiment and play with the process until you find which one feels right to you)

5. Engage your 3rd sight by imagining your Power Animal appearing before you.

6. Allow it to speak to you telepathically, mind to mind, about itself

7. Ask how it can help you in the different areas of your life - in your career, relationships, financial life.

8. When you feel ready, Thank your Power Animal and ask it to stay near to help guide you on a daily basis.

Working with Power Animals is a very ancient practice. Even if you didn’t believe in this kind of thing, I bet your bottom dollar you draw strength and wisdom from an animal you have an affinity for. This is no different 😊 Spirit has very creative ways with how Light codes are delivered to you.

I hope you gleaned new insight or gained new perspective from this and it assists you in your spiritual journey and personal development.

Sending Love,


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