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Shadow Work

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Shadow Work. What is it really? We've all heard the term. And depending on your perspective, you know what it means or you may not have a clue. Those whom have delved into the spiritual arena are familiar. But for those of you that have not or are starting to walk that path - it is the aspects of a person that has been tucked away, hidden, buried where they themselves are most likely unaware or unconscious of is the Shadow self. We have all at some point have done shadow work whether you consciously knew it or not. The Shadow self is any aspect of a person that is not exposed to the light of their own consciousness. Shadow Work is bringing those unconscious or subconscious aspects to light, addressing them and integrating them, to heal from it, to grow, to achieve the balancing yourself as a whole. Where you are fully aware of your ticks and can work with it, manage it or overcome it. No one wants to do it. It's like having to exercise for most people. You don't want to do it but you know it's in your best interest to do it. Once you delve into the arena of your own shadow work you become more conscious of your multidimensional self, become the observer of you, the beginnings of controlling your mindset as opposed to it controlling you, where you become less reactive and more proactive in your life, etc.

Shadow work strengthens you as well as serves as a platform where you can learn, heal and grow.

Soul Realignment is a type of shadow work. We go deep into your life & past lives to dig up that which is bubbling up to the surface now for you but yet you can't still quite grasp, however it is blocking you.

However, one way you can do this kind of work on your own is to identify a a repeating pattern that you want to change, a situation where you react in the same way most of the time (anger, frustration, irritation, etc) or a mood (melancholy, sadness, hopelessness, etc) that keeps resurfacing. Then create and write down a series of positive affirmations to counteract that. And read them to yourself anywhere from 4-7x daily at first. And remember to cancel out those Negative Nancy thoughts! You will start to see a shift by the end of the 4th week.

Sending Love!


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