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Words are Powerful

Words are energy. Words have the power to help bring into reality what you think and believe. Whether it is spoken in your mind, out loud to another or heard from another. ⠀ Just because you think something is logically impossible doesn’t mean it gives you the right to impose your beliefs on someone else by speaking those limiting words to the same token, why say them to yourself?⠀ Words are powerful. Even down to the words tattooed on your body. Our subconscious minds and our bodies listen to the words that are spoken no matter who is speaking them. I’ve seen things happen in spite of what science has proven or what others believe.⠀

Photo by Brett Jordan

Remember everything is possible and there is always an exception to the “rule”. The next time you speak words to yourself or to another, do so by speaking limitless words. Why speak words that would limit yourself or another? I know I wouldn’t want to. You never know what can happen ...because anything can happen.⠀


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