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Silver Violet Flame of Transmutation Practice

I worked with this practice extensively in the beginning of my healing journey. So much so, whenever the sunlight shined on my hair, I noticed a Purple-Violet hue as if I subtly dyed my hair a purple. 

You can use this at any time you feel you need to transmute any lowers level energies, emotions, physical issues, negative thinking. 

For working with this to change a pattern or behavior, repeat this process several times a day every day. 

Here is the practice:

Take 3 Deep Breathes to the count of 3(in)-3(hold)-3(out)

Then say this mantra 3x followed by a deep breath each time it is said,

Visualize your body spontaneously engulfed in this Silver Violet Flame. Permeating every cell. Permeating your entire physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Karmic Body and Spiritual Body.

Continue to sit with this as long as you feel you need to, embodying this Silver Flame of Transmutation.

And when you’re ready, take a final deep breathe and open your eyes. 

Sending Love 💜💜



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