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The Difference Between Knowing the Path and Walking the Path

I wanted to share a little nugget of wisdom as well as hoping to help you muster up some extra courage and inspiration to continue along your path if you have had those bumps in the road...especially those starting out.

We are always told to shift our perception on a situation if it isn't to our liking, if we can't come to terms with it or when we want to better our situation.

Sometimes this may feel like faking it ('til you make it) or living a lie at first when attempting to do so. It feels like this because you are attempting to reprogram old programming, an old narrative. Sometimes we are ready for it. And sometimes we are not. We are stepping out of our comfort zone and it can be painful and you will most likely feel the resistance. The shift in your perception IS truly a powerful thing. And so long as use your will to power through it, remain consistent and persistent…I promise you will get to a point where you will feel second nature.

This would be those moments when you train for or learn a skill/modality and you still feel like you aren't qualified enough, ready yet or you feel like you need more training because it doesn't quite "fit" like a glove. Have you ever felt like that at some point or another?

Especially in the beginning, these are the vulnerable moments where you feel like you need more training upon more training because of fear of not being good enough. Because you feel like whatever it is you trained in, learned or studied for isn't…well, YOU. Even though this is the very thing that drives you, ignites passion within you and excites you. This passion is the reason why you want to be the best you can be. And the fear of not doing your best or not ever getting to that point is the reason why you feel like you aren't good enough. And so this pattern ensues...

Perhaps you are that Medical Intern equipped with the training, knowledge, hands on experiential practice.... or the qualified Substitute Teacher working to get her foot in the door for a permanent Teacher's position. From the Reiki Practitioner who pursued the three levels of Reiki certifications upon countless additional training in many other different healing modalities, having years of metaphysical study and practice...To the Psychic Medium who has seen spirits all of your life but has gone through years worth of training to learn how to communicate with the spirit realm to bring healing messages to others. This applies to everyone for whatever it is...whether it is for a trade, a skill, role that you have trained in or changing a habit and/or pattern. It may feel like you do not quite fit into that particular role just yet and wonder if you ever will. That is the resistance that bubbles up in you telling you to run the other way.

This fact remains...YOU ARE MORE THAN QUALIFIED to do that thing or BE how you want to be.

The secret sauce? You keep at it until it fits. Deep down you know you are able and capable. Keep at it until you step into YOUR power. Until you feel like it fits like a glove. You hit it every chance you get. When that time comes, you will notice that it just...clicks...and something inside of you says "Yaasss, this is me!"

When that shift happens, it WILL feel like it FITS.

And there will be levels of this. As you keep going, you build momentum and you will go deeper into new levels of identifying with your work.

The thing is you wouldn't be doing this unless you were passionate about it, unless it was the very spark that fuels you. When you are passionate about what you are doing whether you feel like you are or aren't yet qualified or worthy enough..,you are doing it because SOMETHING is driving you. And that something is within your soul. And that SOMETHING is a calling. If you throw your hands up and walk away from it (as you will attempt to at many points throughout your journey), that very SOMETHING will nag at you until you go back to it. It is a passion you can not deny.

At some point you MAY have to call yourself out on your feeling of inadequacy to work through the resistance. When you do, remind yourself...All those hours of study, training or effort which have been accomplished. All that work you put in is not in vain.

If you HAVEN'T started, it won't happen unless you start doing the work. If you HAVE started, keep going and it will all fall into place! What happens once you are doing the work? Things will shift, things will happen and it will all flow. I know this all to well.

It will happen and there is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. You already know the path. Walking the path is key.

The shift in your perception IS a powerful thing. It's THE most powerful thing. You ARE Powerful.


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