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They are Always with us

I happened to stumble upon a post I put up in a group I used to help moderate in FB. This was from December 2017. I feel this still so valuable as it still stands true to this day.

Remember - our journey Ebbs and Flows but they are ALWAYS there with us. Always communicating with us.

Author Unknown

Here it is - December 5, 2017:

This is a bit of a long post. So last week went down in the books for me in the realm of Angel numbers. For 3 consecutive days last week I was awakened at specific times. The last set of numbers received in the late afternoon on the 3rd day. On the first morning, I was awakened at 1:11am. On the second day, I was awakened at 2:11am. By this time my attention is peaked. On day 3, I was awakened at 4:04am. Got it loud and clear now. There is a specific message being relayed. Later that 3rd day, I saw 303 and then 333. I took note of all this and looked all of them up. The message I received from these divine beings validated things that were going on in my life as of recent and a reassurance of support in the endeavor I was pursuing. As they always do, but my attention was definitely caught by the deliberate timing and sequence of numbers provided. I'm super grateful for it. And I am glad I always acknowledged these numbers no matter how familiar and normal they have become in my day to day life. When it becomes normal, there is a level of complacency that happens. To be honest, I have been slacking when I do see these numbers as of late.

I started my journey working with the Angels and since have gone off to explore other areas. However, they remained constant on my support team. Like many of you, I've seen repeating numbers for years now. This would go in phases where I would see a set of numbers for a period of time such as a combo of 1s for weeks or months.... then 2s, then 4s, then 3s, sometimes a specific combo of numbers, then rinse and repeat And that's how it's been for a while. I used to look them up all the time in the beginning and then just observed for a while and would look them up on occasion when nudged. But lately, I've mostly just observed and acknowledged these sequence of number and hadn't looked the messages up. In light of last week's communication, I realized that they are always communicating... even though it may feel like it has become normal, I've taken it for granted, have become complacent with it or even if I felt "it was just a phase". They will definitely get our attention when the message needs to be heard and received. I continue to be mindful of those numbers even though I don't always look them up, the feathers that come across my path seemingly out of nowhere, the pennies I find or those quick downloads that induce that A-Ha moment. I find this happens especially when we are busy and haven't had time to sit and listen.

So if you've been at this for a while, keep acknowledging those synchronistic messages. If you are starting, always acknowledge them. By doing that, we train ourselves to become aware of the subtleties that are their messages....especially when you least expect them. Just thought I'd share


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