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Thy Body is Thy Temple

Updated: Apr 5

To all of my Intuitive, Empaths, Energy Alchemists, Starseeds, Light Workers and Shadow workers out there....

If you have been receiving a stronger call this past year to focus on your body in terms of health, movement and nutrition so that you can cultivate and be the healthiest and strongest version of you.... listen to that calling and take that action.

It is very important you take care of your physical body now more than ever. I know many of us have been feeling that nudge to do so since last year even more so than any other time. There is a reason for that. Your Body is your Soul's anchor and foundation and KEY to living in this physical reality as a multidimensional BEing. Without it, we will remain out of balance and you will feel like you are perpetually spinning your wheels. The key to our Sovereignty is Balance!

This may mean other things in your life may have to take a back seat while you take care of your physical vessel. We have a tendency to place emphasis and priority to our spiritual aspects and not so much our physical to the point where you start experiencing a decline in our physical bodies.

So many of us fall into a pattern of doing the bare minimum for our well being, especially our physical well being. Or we just do enough to keep our heads above water when it comes to our physical temple. And I'm sure this most likely is due to your busy life, you're exhausted, don't have not enough time, consistently juggling & prioritizing that thing that's in the hot seat in that moment to be done that day to then tell yourself that you'll take care of your physical temple tomorrow.

But tomorrow might never come because the pattern easily repeats itself. Waiting for tomorrow becomes a never-ending loop where we can become stuck in.

Our physical bodies are just as important as our spiritual development. In order for you to be clear mentally & emotionally and process the energies more efficiently - the body needs consistent movement, strength training, optimal nutrition, nervous system regulation and sleep. This is your foundation for your overall mood, mental and emotional state. Without the health of the body the rest will be out of balance. Caring for your body may in turn result in being able to process and integrate any shadow work that needs to be addressed for you more easily.

This has to be as nonnegotiable and as important as your energy maintenance practices and physical hygiene. It is right up there with brushing your teeth and bathing. There won't be a you to do that anything for and with if you keep de-prioritizing your physical well-being.

Your physical body is your earthly temple. Your relationship with your body holds a large component to your life and spiritual growth. Of course you will reap the given rewards of strength, mobility, agility and power which means joint health, muscle health and your ability to easily move.

Care for your body with love, kindness and healthful disciplines, and you will keep reap the rewards as your body becomes an even stronger vessel for higher spiritual codes, frequencies and power. We need to take a WHOLISTIC approach when taking care of ourselves. This means addressing our energy and our physicality to create balance, alignment and sovereignty in our lives.

Meditation and prayer will help integrate the expansion of your Light Body as your Physical Body becomes online in Balance and able to support your energy bodies as the frequencies and vibration of the earth continues to rise in cycles of ascension. As the collective ascension happens, we need to be prepared to ride that wave with ease and grace.

This is important, especially at this time as the energies serves as true trigger points for the shifts in your life and thy temple upgrade. Mama earth's energy body has been opening up to receive high, resonating, light codes and consciousness from the Sun for a while now and this is increasing in load and frequency. I know you have been feeling it! In turn this is upgrading the consciousness of all living beings on earth on a spiritual level and energetic level.

Your light body is made up of the higher dimensions. Your Divine Light and body is growing and evolving in frequency as you continue on your spiritual path of conscious ascension.

Our light bodies are opening and integrating high resonating frequencies that enable us to anchor and maintain the new evolving consciousness.

Be sure to nurture your body with drinking plenty of water to help process the energy, exercise, support/regulate your nervous system, aim for 7-8 hours of sleep every night and nourish your body with nutrient dense foods and supporting mineral supplements.

Sending Much Love and Many Blessings.



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