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6 quick ways to stay in alignment

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Helloo Beautiful! 🤩 How are you staying in alignment every day?

I try to incorporate a 20 min daily meditation but sometimes it’s is a quick 5 minutes of re-centering and connecting to my Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Source Energy/God/Goddess/All That Is.

I’m not perfect by any means. If I miss a day because I was “busy”, I get back on the horse and do it the next day or as soon as I remember. But who am I kidding? let’s face it, I can still fit it in.

I write it in my planner every week as a daily appointment, I set reminders on my phone so I’m constantly seeing it. It’s just as important as your foundational self care such as brushing your teeth, bathing, exercising, eating healthy...

Here are some of the quick & small things you can do to stay in alignment every day:

✨ affirmations

✨ breath work with intention of centering

✨ quick 5 min Higher Self mediation

✨ practice being in the present moment

✨ practice of gratitude

✨ DIY Sound Baths with music of choice

Do you do any of these? If not, I’d love to hear what you do?! Let me know in the comments☺️❤️


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