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Our Intuition may advocate changes we are not prepared to make. It will not seem logically to you sound at times. Have you found yourself second guessing this during those times?

Image Credit: @edznorton
Image Credit: @edznorton

This is your left brain attempting to make sense of it.

Often we are not given the satisfaction of even knowing we made the right choice at that given moment. We only see and know it in hindsight.

And yet, once we begin to listen to our intuition, it gets louder and louder until it becomes hard to ignore. Synchronicities become more abundant in your life.

Some people in your life may not appreciate your intuitive decision making but that's ok. In those moments you may hear "naysaying" which is the exernal form of doubt and fear. Be still and listen within. Allowing your intution to contribute to your choices and decisions take courage.

You are INTUITIVE. You are STRONG. You are POWERFUL.

Sending Love,



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