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A Healing Session with me

Helloooo Love 😊

In the past months I’ve seen an increased influx of folks seeking out Reiki and Shamanic sessions. As a collective I feel people are intuitively knowing they need assistance with recalibrating their energy especially as it seems a lot of things are coming to head from the past year. A lot of energetic shifts and the quick turn-around of the law of cause and effect. More light and data is being downloaded and acclimation to that energy isn’t always peaches and roses. Sometimes we get overwhelmed, aren’t able to keep up or do the self work/maintenance necessary and simply need someone else to hold that space for us.

A Shamanic session or Reiki energy session is a method of energy alchemy. It is tool and a resource to keep in your tool box of resources for those times you need that extra help, that reset and recalibration of your bio-energetic. These types of sessions will provide energetic cleansing and clearing out of what you don’t need as well as a reintegration of what energies that belong to you and those that help balance you. It allows for the delivery of healing energy to be channeled to you to assist your body, mind and heart to heal. It assists and compliments the physical support of modern medicine by way of addressing the energetics aspects of mental and emotional imbalances and trauma. I also provide whatever guidance I receive for you during your session.

Depending on what is going on in your life, past traumas, patterns, dis-ease that has settled physically in the body will determine how many sessions you will need and how much you do (and continue to do) on your own. It can be a 1 and done or it may take more than a few sessions. I practice Reiki and Shamanism. Depending on what’s needed, a little bit of one modality will overlap in the other session or a combination of both will be done within a session. It’s evolving to what only time will tell. I provide these sessions in-person at The Journey’s Path and Kindred Day Spa as well as remote via ZOOM. The session can take anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on what’s needed. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to book a session

Sending Love…



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