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A Snapshot of My Book Shelf

My Spiritual Jack of All Trades reading list

When I first started digging into metaphysics and spirituality, I DEVOURED the books I found on these topics. Well, I typically devoured books. I am a bookworm at heart. But this was a feverish hunt for knowledge. Anything having to do with the soul, past lives, pre-birth planning, all healing modalities, everything psychic and anything having to do with the different dimensions was my quest and this is just naming some categories. My interests ran the spectrum from A to Z. I was all over that, following my intuition with researching, googling, and reading. When it slowed down, I sought out to learn more about the things that called to me. Here is a snapshot of what my library looked like in the beginning…

Books I read in the beginning of my journey...

Some of the books I was nudged to read as I continued on my path...

A snapshot of the most recent...

And I thought to add on here some present ongoing training that you could find helpful :)

Monica Tyler's Shamanic Apprenticeship

Amanda Linette Meder's Membership Program

I hope sharing these resources that were available to me will help you on your journey.

Much love!



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