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an energy tip for re-acclimating back into your routine

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

So today I come to you with an Energy Tip....or maybe this is a reminder for you. I can always use reminding.

Do you sometimes feel like you need to or have to re-acclimate to your normal routine when coming off a holiday or vacation?

There are times I find I have a period of re-acclimation when coming off of a period where I took time off of my normal routine. It can sometimes be no big deal and I'm back in it with no problem and sometimes I'm fighting it tooth and nail like a toddler throwing a tantrum.

I find this is also true for others I know. Sometimes they can get back into their routine with no problem and sometimes they meet the resistance wall when trying to get back into their routine.

I have found that the level of intensity on the human Richter scale depends on where I am with my self development or the energy phase (moon and otherwise) happening at the moment.

If you are coming off of holiday or a vacation not feeling the return to your regularly scheduled programing or just feeling like your a tad off and dragging your feet with getting back to it, do an energy check in.

Ideally you want to do this in the beginning of your day but do it as soon as you catch yourself feeling floaty or the energetic lull.

Take a moment to do this short, quick energy check-in with yourself:

  • start by recentering with deep breathwork at least a few times before

  • moving on to focusing on your high heart light... then expanding it to encompass your multidimensional self (continue with your deep breathing)

  • Ground using tree roots, a column a rod or whatever you are most comfortable with... reaching down/connecting to Gaia's core and intending to release all that does not serve you. See/feel/know the energy that no longer serves you is released and leaving you through that connection to Gaia

  • Run Earth Energy by asking Gaia to run Earth energy back up to you/through you. Do this 3x, continuing to breath throughout

  • Connecting back to your intentions, goals and aspirations - continuing to do the breathwork, end with your intention to follow through on what you need to do or see through on that day as well as getting back into the swing of things with ease and grace.

  • Rinse & Repeat as necessary throughout your week.

And that's it! You can use this for whenever you feel you need it.


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