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angels appear in many different ways

Angels show themselves in many ways... I sometimes see them as these enormous flashes of Light just ahead of me on the road as I'm driving, small sparkles of different colored lights typically high up in a room or pin-pricks of brilliant silver white lights around and within a person's auric field...

I continually see them in different forms and it never ceases to amaze me. It is a beautiful, peaceful and fantastic sighting no matter how they appear. There will be times where I see them with my physical sight and then there will be times when I see them with my internal sight. The very first time I saw an angel was in my room one morning yeeears ago. It was during a time when I feverishly started exploring all things Metaphysical and Spiritual. There was an enormous Being made of orange red flames, the color of the sun, in the shape of an 8 foot angel at the corner of my room, wings spread out, hovering and taking up my entire bedroom corner... in all its glory. This happened at the height of the morning sun shining into my room, illuminating every nook and cranny and this Angel. Since then, when they come through to give messages for others during sessions, they seem almost giant-like. Verrrry tall and broad. Appearing in white gold trimmed robed dress emanating a very bright golden white light from their being... so much so that I can only see them from their knees to their feet. Or I've seen them just simply as a large bright white light. I've seen them perfectly in the Middle World (as Shamans call it). This happened when I met my Guardian Angel for the first time after setting the intention to meet her. My Guardian angel looked to be both female and male. As a side note, I refer to my Guardian Angel as female because I felt and saw the feminine essence first but then I also saw and felt an equal masculine essence immediately after. She was about 8 feet tall, no wings, very broad build. With wavy golden blonde shoulder length hair. A very bright golden white light emanating from her but I could see her features and what she looked like. She was surrounded by many small animals to include a golden Labrador retriever when she greeted me. She has also presented herself to me as a 7-8 foot radiant golden orange colored Being of pure energy when I traveled to a place that I call my paradise. A place up very high past several layers of clouds during my many meditation sessions...what I now know as Shamanic journeying to the Upper Worlds. A most recent sighting of an Angel was a little different than what I had been used to. I speak to my Spirit team of Spirit guides, Angels and Ascended Masters every night as I lay in bed before I go to sleep. On this one particular night, as I finished expressing my gratitude and love to my spirit team, I closed my eyes. I, instantaneously, saw my room as if I had not closed them. The only difference is that I saw this Being in my room. A distortion in the air in the form of waves. Like water. Not the heat waves as I've see other spirits sometimes appear as. I saw the form of a person moving across my room. In a short amount of time, I saw it move across and then shoot up overhead. As I saw this Being shoot up into the air above me, I saw wings expand and move... as when a bird does when it takes flight from the ground....then it was gone. I can't explain it but there was this immediate knowing that this was an Angel at that moment. This was actually the second time I saw wings on an Angel. The first time I saw wings was that first sighting in my bedroom years ago. Since then I've learned that Angels do not always appear with wings. But it is a treat to see when I do see them with wings...especially for the inner child within me. With all of this said you may be wondering... how would you know when you encounter an Angel? You will always know in your heart of hearts when it is an Angel. I know it sounds cliche' but you will immediately know and feel it is so. It is a benevolent, loving and comforting feeling. You may also feel very light as if being lifted. It feels like visiting with old friend with whose energy you are familiar with and comforted by. As with other spirits, Angels make themselves known to you in many different ways. I find it is important to get to know the loving and guiding spirits that are around you daily. You too can experience this. Make it a point to work on strengthening your spirit senses and connecting with them daily. So you can sense and witness the magic happening around you and experience the extra layers of realities overlapping ours. It definitely makes life pretty a magical way. Why not make this life as magical as you can make it right? ...wishing you a magical life :)



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