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April Full Moon Group Healing Transmission

Hello Loves,

The height of the full moon is Tuesday, April 7th. As I have done every month, I will be doing the Full Moon remote healing transmission on Tuesday night. Generally, the Full Moon is a

time for releasing that which no longer serves you. Again this month will serve twofold...I will light a candle for everyone and will be anchoring prayer and healing for those souls who passed suddenly in the recent months, for those who are presently battling this illness at home or alone on at the hospital, for those assisting in the front lines keeping us safe, fed and healthy, for the Lightworkers who are energetically holding space while being bombarded with the waves of emotional energy from the collective. I see you! I sit in solidarity, working with the Pink Ray and the Angels... anchoring these energies here and asking for continued healing, strength, comfort, clarity, unity, peace and health.

These energies will go to whomever is open to it at a Soul level consciously or subconsciously. However feel free to add the name of someone who needs this/want this and/or comment OPEN if you are open to receive this in the comments section of either my Facebook post or Instagram Post dedicated to this session 🦋⠀

Remember to take care of yourself mentally, emotionally and physically! Give yourself Grace! Drink plenty of water, incorporate daily movement (ie. yoga, 30 min walk, 30 min exercise routine), get plenty of rest in and continue to do the daily energy check in with yourself to help support receiving this energy and energy shifts.⠀

Love you All,⠀



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