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Clairvoyance manifests differently for everyone... my experience and from what I’ve heard, seen and read: it depends on what a person will be using it for. It depends on their purpose, their vibration, whether they want to see anything, if they have consciously decided what they are willing to see or their fears of seeing anything at all. My clairvoyance is still developing. Ever evolving.

It is developing differently than how it might manifest in another. I’m sure there are others experiencing the same way as me...I am now just starting to find them. Some people see auras and not Spirits. Some see Spirits and not the aura. Some see both. Some see into different dimensions other than the typical Spirit dimension, etc. I can see Spirit (the good, bad and the weird). I can see the energy surrounding all living things and non-living things - yes you read that right...non-living things emit energy as well. Back when I started actively pursuing my spirituality - meaning not in a passive kind of floating down the river sight seeing type of way - my physical eye sight started changing. Now mind you, clairvoyance is what you see in your mind’s eye and can either eventually manifest to your outer world where you can see Spirit and Energy with your physical eyes or you may have always been able see clairvoyantly with your physical eyes. Typically you see within. But I believe that sight will evolve to your outer-world (sometimes with your intention to do so and sometimes spontaneously)...Especially when you ware maintaining a spiritual practice and exercising to strengthen your spiritual communication tools. Funny thing is, I’ve dismissed it so much through out my life to the point where I really didn’t think I had clairvoyant ability. I always would see images in my minds eye as well as saw, heard and sensed spirit in my outer-world. But it was easy to dismiss it because I really didn't think anything of my experiences. It didn’t dawn on me that I had this clairvoyant ability until about several years ago when my eyesight started going a bit wonky on me and I started to see energy. At first, I thought there was a problem with the contacts I wore. Blaming on the fact that I had to clean them more often. When I figured out that wasn’t the problem, I moved on to thinking something was going on with my physical eye sight and I need to get my eyes checked. I made an appointment with my eye doctor and I found out everything checked out. All the while, I was extra sensitive to lights. I would feel a constant or swirling pressure in the area in between my eyebrows. I saw a haze on and around everything...kind of like seeing through a dirty lens. Double vision happened often. Seeing imprints of everything as in a film negative and grids everywhere. Then one day, my eyesight went back to normal but there was something new...everything I saw was very crisp and I now saw this glow around EVERYTHING. Around living things and non-living things. I still saw imprints and grids but it was clearer. It confused the heck out of me. I didn’t know what I was seeing. Was this the infamous aura I heard so much about? And if it was the aura, why was I seeing it around inanimate objects like a couch or a rock or a fan? Later the dots connected and the simplest of answers came. It’s defined within the realm of Quantum Physics. Well this is pretty basic science but it ties into Quantum Physics. EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Everything is made up of energy. And everything absorbs energy. The Aura is energy. Spirit is energy. We all exude energy. You, I and every single thing on this earth - whether living or not living - is made up of energy. We live in a 3 dimensional world and so we and the things around us are compact group of atoms to the point where we seem solid. But we really aren’t. Everything is pulsating with atoms Atoms are the basic building blocks of matter that make up everyday objects. A DESK, the AIR, YOU, ME. From what I’ve found, there are 90 naturally occurring kinds of atoms. So I’m going to get a little geeky here. Quantum Physics always has held my fascination. Maybe because it is the kind of science that goes left field and gives you the Twilight Zone kind of stuff.

So here is Atoms 101 for ya: Atoms are made up of 3 different particles:

Protons, Neutrons and Electrons Protons carry a positive charge. Neutrons carry no charge Protons and Neutrons join together to form the Nucleus - the central part of the atom Electrons carry a negative charge and circle the nucleus. Electrons take up most of the volume because of the space it uses orbit the nucleus. So yes, you’ve guessed it. We are made up of a whole bunch of these babies. I’m not even going to go into numbers here. However, the more protons/neutrons/electrons there are in a atom, the denser and heavier the object. If you were to look at a desk with a special kind of microscope, you would see a bunch of these babies in constant motion. Remember the Electron? It’s always circling the Nucleus. If that weren't enough...objects also absorb the energy of the person that uses it or the people that frequent a space. It can be a favorite chair, an office, a bed or jewelry. All of these frequently used items and spaces absorb the energy of the people that use it. That explained why I could see the energy giving off of the living and non-living objects. But back to me wondering why in tarnation I can see this glow around both living and nonliving objects and haven't found anyone else that I could relate to. I searched high and low on the internet, books, ANYTHING to find someone who would explain this away. The only reference I had was to the Aura and its relation to living things. One day I found a video of a spiritual teacher teaching his group how to see the aura. And in this video he went on to say EVERYTHING has one. Living and inanimate objects. FI-NAL-LYYY. Before him, I thought I was either the exception to the rule - yet again - and I was on my own with figuring this out - story of my life. He is the only person that has referenced what I have experienced. Perhaps the people I have read about didn’t want to add that piece of information or perhaps I just had yet to find someone who could see what I saw... I saw the energy around a person's body and sometimes color around a certain area of their body. Usually on the shoulder or head area. Very subtle colors. Not very consistent but it happened. When I saw things move, it would look like the kind of movement you would see in slow motion except it is normal speed and I see the energy trail behind it for about second before it dissipated. After a while, the colors started to come through more frequently but it still happened far and few in between. As time passed, I started seeing another layer on top of the glow around people. It was random but it happened. It is happening more and more now. It is slightly dark but unfocused in my physical sight. So that’s where I am right now. It’s happening more frequently and consistently now. My eyes are starting to go through that strange stage again. This time I KNOW that my eyesight is fine. I know this is a sign that there is going to be a shift in my physical clairvoyant sight. Not sure what I’m going to be able to see clairvoyantly in my outer-world but I’m curious and interested to see how it unfolds... My message to you, is don't make the same mistake as I did and compare your development with another. I used to compare myself to others all of the time which in turn would make me doubt my abilities. If you find someone that is experiencing a similar path, that is great!!! If you are like me and you're feeling like "the odd man out", accept that the way things are unfolding for you is your unique experience - nothing more nothing less. Trust and have faith that you will find your answers. As the old saying goes, "everything happens for a reason". You will eventually find your tribe. Sometimes it takes longer than most. I’ll keep you kids posted! :)


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