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Crystals and your intuition

One of my Reiki clients (who is also attuned to Reiki level 1) recently asked about learning more about crystals as she wanted to incorporate it more in her self-practice and helping her loved ones. Her worry is that she had no idea what each did or how to use them. My advice to her was to use them as she was intuitively guided.

If you feel a pull to buy or use a specific crystal, trust that. Ten times out of ten, you will find it is exactly what you needed.

When I started working with crystals, I tried memorizing the meaning and properties of each crystal... so I'd know how to pick them as opposed to picking them intuitively. That didn't work out. It was like I was trying too hard with the process to the point where I interfered with it. When I released the expectation of needing to know their properties before working with them, my success rate improved by 100%.

I share with you here this beauty. This is an Aquamarine crystal.

I was immediately drawn to her upon sight. A fellow Medium, Maria Molina @flowermagick (on Instagram) makes Crystal jewelry and when she posted a picture of this one I had to get this. Sometimes I do hesitate and I did second guess myself with this one. I did go and look up the properties of it. And, sure enough, it embodied the energetic support I most needed at the time. This is how I sometimes go about it and I am validated every time... which then reminds me to just trust my intuition.

And sometimes a crystal recommendation will be given by your guides during your meditation. But I'll save that story for another day.

Over time, as you work with crystals, just know that you will come to understand and remember their properties. So in the beginning, follow your intuition when working with crystals. There is unmistakable intelligence with them. Trust me, you won't ever get it wrong. Even when you think you didn't need help in that area of your life. Trust me, you did.

with Love,


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