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Distance Healing request

Did you know a well wished thought for someone, place or event is healing energy sent from a distance? Also Prayer is a request for that healing energy to be directed and sent to whomever or where ever needs it. If you ever silently said kind words of love and health to someone or said a silent prayer, you've sent healing energy from a distance.

If the collective thought of the masses can change things....if prayer can be soo powerful when done in masses.... it can also be done with pure intent and feeling on your own. You don't have to be a certified anything to do this. You can do this on the go or amplify it even more so by setting a time aside for it, lighting a candle to aid in the energy as well as a crystal if you wanted it to take it a step further.

I've done it myself via a thought or a prayer in passing when needed and short for time. But I also do remote healing sessions...typically on humans. However, yesterday I received a special request. Tonight I sit in meditation and channel universal life force energy to my childhood friend's fur baby, a 3yo Pomeranian named Milo. She was recently gifted with the amazing opportunity of fostering a newborn baby girl but at the height of her bliss is also having to deal with the heart breaking sadness of Milo's declining health. This little ball of sunshine is very dear to her and also very much her baby. Pets bring us joy and happiness when we need it most. They are so pure of heart and of course love and loyalty.

If you are so inclined to join in with a well wished thought or prayer of healing for Milo, please do send it his way.




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