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If you would've told me 10 years ago that I would be giving spiritual readings (let alone in psychic fairs), help folks heal patterns using the Akashic Records and Energy healing sessions, and teaching classes? I would've say you were out of your dannng mind.

I was hesitant in the beginning because of fear of being judged and ridiculed and especially the feeling of not being good enough. I had issues y'all. I came across a lot of resistance along the way as well. But even so, since then I have built the confidence to do all of the above. Since then I've helped people connect to their Akashic Records, their Soul, their Loved ones and help them on the path of what is truly in alignment with them... and have done many a healing session. Never did I think I would also be helping people who aspire to learn to do the same.

This journey has been a healing one for me. I am proud to say I have grown tremendously. I have grown to love myself as a whole, not just aspects of me. I was able to finally connect with what I was aligned to do. I love to help people connect back to who they truly are at soul level. Most of all, I'm really glad I didn't run the other way. That would've been too easy to do. I don't do easy.

My love for helping others has driven me to where I am today. Because of you, I have grown and gotten past major blocks. I worked on myself a ton.

So a THANK YOU is an order. Thank you so much for everything you've helped me to achieve. You inspire me to do this work. Your growth is my growth. Our healing is my passion.

Much Love,




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