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do you need a Healer to "heal" you?

Short Answer: No, you have the capability to do it all on your own in your own timing.

Long Answer: It depends on what you want and where you are in your life. You don’t ever have to have someone else to do your healing or hold space for you if you feel you don’t need it and want to do it yourself. You are very well equipped to do this yourself.

We seek out someone to help us do this when we feel we need it. It depends on what we are going through in our lives at the current moment which would dictate whether you can take this on yourself or need someone else to hold space. We seek out someone to help us do this because we need someone else to set it up for us, guide us in what to do, hold the space for us, to be objective because we couldn’t be objective enough for ourselves and it frankly takes out the guess work out of it for us. Seeking help is absolutely ok. Nothing wrong with going to someone well-versed in the field to hold space and show the way. We do it all the time in our lives. You might at some point do a combination approach where you do some of it yourself and would want help with some of it. BUT if you want to do this yourself, you are fully capable to do just that...


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