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Ego vs Heart?

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I want to share a Love Note I received the other day. Not the kind you think.

I have been following Mr. Blackstone since the beginning of my journey. He sends out "email letters" weekly which he titles "Love Notes"

His messages are simple yet profound, to the point and serves as a reminder for those of us embarking on this journey and trying to figure it all out. I know he helped me when I started mine.

Before I share his Love Note, keep in mind the Ego is not the enemy.

The Ego is there for a reason. Part of its job is to help keep us safe and to step forward with confidence in whatever endeavor we decide to take on.

When there is an imbalance is when it serves fear and separation The key is to keep it in check and in balance with our heart center.

Check and Balance

The Ego serves to anchor us so that we can experience 3D reality. I remember when I started reading up on all this, my initial understanding was that the Ego was bad. That was confusing for me. I tried to squash it but I never really understood how or why.

But as time went on, I understood that it is a part of ourselves we check & balance just like everything else. If I had someone who could've explained this to me from the get-go, it would've saved me time, the emotional roller coaster ride and especially the headache of trying to figure that out. Oy Vey!

Here is the "Love Note" from Mr. Richard Blackstone:

"Head or Heart? While playing the game of ‘Life on Planet Earth’ we are constantly making decisions and we have two different ways to contemplate those decisions, with our ‘head’ or with our ‘heart’. Time to distinguish between these two decision making factors so that you will know which to align yourself with when it comes to those life-changing decisions. Just as in all of life in a universe based on duality and relativity, there are two paradigms that come into play. The Ego, which is the servant of ‘Fear and Separation’, resides in your head. Your Sacred Self is the servant of ‘Love and Oneness’, resides in your heart. Live in love" ~Richard D. Blackstone

Sending Love,

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