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๐“๐“น๐“ป๐“ฒ๐“ต Energy

Hello Beautiful!

The Energy for April is about integration and finding balance. This month is the time for you to acclimate, grow and bloom.

In the past couple of months, I've delivered a lot of information to my email subscribers and have provided a fair share of practices to choose from to incorporate into your daily practice. This month is about integration and reflection. Doing this helps you to take a moment to step back and find your balance. This helps your physical body adjust. And our body is the last to catch up at times. Our nervous system plays a vital role in how well we acclimate to a new vibratory frequency (depending on how regulated your nervous system already is). It can be a rough ride or a smooth ride. I've gone the rough route and honestly I can only say that was the divine plan. I've learned through experience and am paying that knowledge forward so you won't have to.

So take this month to continue to implement the tools and techniques you've learned (or revisited if it was something you already knew), integrate it and reflect on your experiences. I highly recommend journaling those experiences. Journal your feelings, your insights, synchronicities and revelations. You will thank yourself later for that journal when your future self revisits it.

Be Present in all that you do whether it is in the Spiritual or Personal aspects of your life. Remember to continue use your tools and remain consistent with it. Give yourself Grace. And use Breathwork to connect your body to your Spirit. Breathe in that that energy and those light codes.

Sending Love & Blessings your way :)



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