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Ever notice the “random” thoughts pop up while showering?

I'm sure you've caught those thoughts on occasion and wondered what was all that about.

But guess what? They aren’t random.

Water is one of the 5 cleansing elements It not only is a physical cleanser, but also an energetic cleanser.

I’m sure you have heard about going into the ocean to cleanse your energy, or folks being baptized in a river, or talking a 20 minute salt bath for spiritual cleansing, or going under a waterfall rejuvenate your soul, or going out when it's raining and letting yourself get drenched (doesn't doing that feel awesome?!), or even using the the cleansing technique when showering. All does the job.

But what if you are really were just showering and just going about the scrub-a-dub-dub and nothing else? Chances are highly likely that the thoughts are popping up in your head for a reason even though your focus is to just simply clean your body. And it's highly likely it's come up outside of the shower but you disregarded it. The thoughts that are likely to come up are old hurts with family or romantic relationships, or maybe it was a friend who stopped talking to you, or that awful situation you were in months ago or it was a past trauma. Those particular thoughts (of all the thoughts and To-Dos you have on your plate) have come up for a reason. Chances are those thoughts have also popped in randomly throughout time.

When you notice the thoughts come up while you are bathing or showering, it's a sure fire way to know you have unresolved energy that needs clearing and/or cord cutting.

Here is your homework: Set the intention to catch the thoughts, emotions and self-talk playing in in the background of your mind. The next time you catch these thoughts or emotions in the shower or bathing, it’s prime opportunity to cut that cord and cleanse with the water. Although you can really do a cord cutting or cleansing at any time outside of the shower or bath, using the elements is one of the many powerful tools you can use when doing so.


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