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Gaia and the energetic ecosystem

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

I was cleaning up my notes on my phone this morning, deleting "to do" lists and random notes I no longer needed... and found this journal entry. I laughed as I found it "coincidentally" (insert sarcasm here) after answering a question yesterday regarding it in The Lightworkers Lab Facebook group.

Synchronicity at it's finest.

I asked Spirit to help me share something of value today and this is what they led me to. A raw, unedited, ramblings of a lightworker figuring things out along the way... I asked them "you're kidding me right?" ...nope. To be honest I would rather not share this, I'm putting the faith in and trusting the guidance and am doing it anyway. I hope it reaches and serves whoever it is meant to serve.

The following was typed up last year in September. It's a straight up copy and paste. I haven't edited it so there will probably be grammatical errors. Actually, I already see some blaring misspellings. Autocorrect has never really been my friend and I just did my entry at the time without going back to correct it. I typed this on my phone as soon as soon as I was able to after having this experience.

We journal as we figure things out. And this is just this an example of a lightworker's (me) ramblings, figuring things out as she receives bits and pieces of information on the fly. I hope it is coherent enough for you to follow even in its raw state.

So here goes...

Journal entry, September 2017:

"As i was "deleting" some agreesive thoughts that i entertained for a minute as i was driving, i caught myself and grounded that energy. Then i had a thought come to me as i was focusing in that moment of releasing that energy. I also had a vision that accompanied it as well. So Here's a thought...what if the transmutation of energy that Gaia does when we ground (that which we intend to give/send her the energy that does not no longer serve us) actually is giving this energy to "dark" dimension/house. Hear me out here. we live in/on is an entricate harmonious ecosystem that Gaia espouses. A balance of the dark side and the light side cycling through energy and coming out transmuted. the dark side feeds on negativity generally right? So in the perfect ecosystem, there is a place for it to be accepted, the dark energy we release gets recycled and transmuted but passes through the polarity of negatively charged space also which we see as the dark side.

so all along we've been thinking that gaia is like this good, you know a light type of being... which she is but I believe it's like in the natural order of things, where she needs to remain in harmony of the Natural Balance between the dark and light. Her job is to house life, her higher calling.

so this is like a ecosystem where you know it comes full circle and its just important and in perfect order... whereas when we typically think of The Darkside, our perception typically is the unbalanced, and the likes of let's say demons or malevolent spirits, energetic parasites, consciouz negative thoughtforms that are looking for the perfect opportunity to influence the living and the environment. They seem to be the predators of the ecosystem. so interesting....

Agsin, as it seems, it's as if Gaia herself is a neutral entity, obviously existing in a neutral state where dark and light coexist in harmony. In essence there are no polarities but if you wanted to categorize it to understand it better, it's a balance of both, but all in the same.... everything together perfectly working, in Perfect Harmony. we are in essence living in a multidimensional ecosystem. That's obvious since we know ourselves as multidimensional beings. the energetic ecosystem is meshed in with the physical ecosystem, meshed in with the spiritual ecosystem.

and so when we do this grounding, letting go that energy that no longer serves us ( AKA Dark Energy AKA negative energy) we are tapping into the energetic ecosystem. It is a different dimension obviously between the spiritual and the physical. However one would think that the spiritual and energetic ecosystem is one in the same but I believe these systems are sub systems of the whole that is Gaia. Again Gaia works in harmony with all three. The energetic ecosystem is just another layer of this spiritual ecosystem which is overlapping the physical. Food for thought."

So there's that.

Here is the backstory, in case you're wondering

The question was: "If we release energy to Gaia when grounding, how does that impact her? Seems like Mother Nature has been through a lot already if that makes sense."

My answer to this question yesterday was:

"Gaia transmutes energy. It doesn't harm her. This is the reason why we all (Gaia and all of her inhabitants) can continue to exist. It's a harmonic balance for all involved, energy-wise. Our reality is based on the law or polarity, positive and negative. You go into the higher dimensions there is no polarity ....or it can be viewed that both polarities are one in the same. It is not viewed as black or white, bad or good. The light cannot exist without the darkness and vice versa. There would not be light if there was no darkness. One cannot exist without the other for it is all an experience that is accumulated by Source. It just is. That is the perspective of where Gaia operates from. I can't recall atm which dimension Gaia exists on but she is a conscious entity. She chose to exist in this form to give and host life..."

Sending love,


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