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How to read Angel Numbers or Repeating numbers

So you've been seeing a sequence of numbers again and again "coincidentally"?

You may be seeing 4s or 3s or 2s....or maybe a lot of 11s or 111s or even 1111 or 33s, 333 the list can go on... Sometimes it may be a repeating 38 or 43. Although called Angel Numbers, these numbers are a way for your Angels, Guides, God, the Universe to provide a message whether it be guidance or validation.

First familiarize yourself with a baseline of what the numbers mean at a very basic level, from 0 through 9. If you are single digits, no problem. It's pretty straight forward. Now you may be seeing double digits or three digits, maybe even a combination of 2 and 3 digit numbers.

Once you have a reference point, here is what you do...When you have taken notice that you have number constantly coming into your awareness, first take note of what you were thinking just before or what you were doing. It might be hard to do at first because we are so used to have racing thoughts and thinking multiple things at once. when these numbers pop, they will pop up at a time when the most quietest of thoughts (your intuition) pops through. And it will take some effort to recall what you were thinking. If you don't have a problem with that, then you are already ahead of the game. Also keep in mind, if there was nothing you were thinking or unrelated, just file it for future reference. It is a reminder or a message on the current energy you are in.

If you are seeing 2 digit sequence, refer back to the basic number meanings. The meaning of both numbers are basically merged into one message. Now with a 3 or 4 digit number sequence, sometimes you will have a double number within that sequence, keep in mind there is an emphasis on that particular number meaning in that sequence.

Here is a web site I found a long time ago "coincidentally" which I find was very helpful with decoding the meanings of these numbers and she goes as far as to give you the meanings to what seems like an endless of multiple number combinations:

Now, you can go with your own number code that is specific between you and your Angels and Guides. Or you an use one that was already shared by someone such as Joanne from Sacred Scribes. You will see many folks out there sharing their version of what these numbers mean. Use and trust your Inner G (my nickname for Inner Guidance) to guide you to what is a right fit for you. Your Angels, Guides, God, the Universe will guide you to use whatever will best serve you and help get their message across.

I hope this was helpful!

Sending you much Love!



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