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how to strengthen your intuition

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Did you know your subconscious mind is where your psychic abilities, your intuition, is seated?

It’s not the Conscious mind. Your Conscious mind is where your Ego Personality resides and (depending on how much you practice listening to your intuition) would determine how often your conscious self interferes or blocks that information.

In order to tap into your intuition and/or develop your psychic-ness, you need to practice listening to the subtleties of the subconscious mind. The more you practice, the more you hear it, the easier it becomes. It’s like weightlifting. You have to work at strengthening it.

When we were kids, it was easy to do this because kids typically have access to all of that before they start to be taught it is bad, unreliable way of thinking or not normal. Societal programming and family belief systems nix’s that. If a child grows up in a supportive environment where their abilities is not nay-sayed or invalidated then they continue to strengthen that muscle, hone it and will become exceptionally psychic - if outside influences do not play a part in their influences and they CHOOSE to continue to incorporate it as a normal function of their daily life. Free will does play a part here.

A way to START to get that back and strengthen it is by intending to connect to your subconscious mind consciously. The key is to create balance and bring the subconscious information to the forefront where both the conscious and the subconscious can coexist in harmony.

Here is an affirmation you can start with:

“I connect to my subconscious mind more and more strongly every moment of every day.”

Say this and look at it several times a day. Tweak this affirmation, if guided, to suit your unique needs.

Much Love 😘


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