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IMAGINation is Key

The one advice someone like me needed when first starting out on the mediumship path. It may have been assumed knowledge because that wasn't ever touched on as far as I can recall…

Imagination is Key

Although the paranormal was a regular thing my entire life, when it came to learning the tools of mediumship my analytical side kicked in and I would have a hard time wrapping my brain around it, convinced the process was different. Even though I didn't doubt when I had a visitation from my grandmother or when I saw a spirit walk on by, doubt would creep in. Talk about being the epitome of a mind job. Story of my life. As you can surmise I learned the hard way. I gradually figured it out. Once I did, I was in a state of allowing it to come through and it became easy. And I started hearing messages exactly like this one. Perhaps I was too hard-headed in the beginning to have accepted this. Funny how things work themselves out.

For all of you budding mediums out there, this right here is gold. For the rest, you have this ability to communicate and receive messages from you loved ones. If you feel, see, hear or smell a familiar smell tied to your deceased loved one... don't doubt it and think you're imagining it.

Because you aren't ❤

Spirit uses that as a means of communicating with you. Take it from someone who gave herself a hard time ALL.OF.THE.TIME.

with Love!



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