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Imagination is your platform to create

The term “a figment of your imagination” has been given a negative connotation and it really should be perceived as a magnificent place where all things are born. Your thoughts are powerful given the right combination of energy, intention and action because it indeed can morph into the physical if we so choose.

What is Imagination? Is it really to be dismissed as nothing?

In essence it is nothing as something has to start somewhere right?

Something has to to be born out of the space of nothingness. Are we not created as a single cell organism first from thought?

Imagination is the platform for creation and manifestation. This is where the

It’s the meeting place for you and your Spirit people (guides, loved ones, ancestors, Source Energy).

It is a tool you can use to assist your intuition.

It’s the platform where you can use to write and rewrite and plan. It’s where you can play, fantasize and ponder 🧐💭

It’s a platform where channelled thought and inspiration is filtered through.

The access we have to this creative power is a VERY remarkable thing. Not to be dismissed as just “made up” as regularly scheduled societal programming would have us believe. We do make things up but not in the way it is said to be interpreted. Because, you see, how does one create if we don’t make it up? How do we manifest what we need and want if we don’t will it into existence? Be it an invention, a thing, a new habit, a place, a meeting with your guides and loved ones, a meeting with God…it’s simply where creation and manifestation happens. It’s a pretty big freakin magical deal if you ask me… and a very powerful tool to have. I invite you to see it that way for a while and feel it out ✨


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