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I WON’T EVER direct message you or email you to solicit you to pay for a reading.

This scammer’s Instagram account is “maria__soul_reader_healer12” going by the name “thelovegoddess” shown on the first 2 screenshots below. The 3rd screen shot is my legitimate Instagram account. Notice the difference.

My Instagram account is “yoursoulperspective” and you will see my name as “Maria • Soul Reader & Healer”

Just a few pointers on how to identify scammers:

  • search to see if you already follow the assumed acct and look to see if it’s the same acct (pay attention to the name of the account and their handle). They will have a small or unnoticeable variation of the original account’s name, like an extra letter or a underscore or a number added on. Sometimes they will change it up like they did with below.

  • If you find you already follow an account by a similar name, notice the details so you are sure it is that account trying to follow you back. Look for the extra added letter or character to identify the fake account.

  • Notice how many posts they have up on their page and how old are the posts are. If all of their posts have been done within the same time frame ( all within one day or week) then that is a REALLY big red flag.

  • If you received a direct message saying they are drawn to you to give you a reading, if you would like one and pay them....that is another REALLY big red flag

  • Most importantly, follow your gut feeling! If it feels off, it's because it is!

Reporting them will have their fake account shut down and will make it very difficult to do the same to yours. Once you do, I highly recommend blocking that account and any new ones created by them so you won't be bothered again. Otherwise, they will go through your friend's list and send them a request to do the same.

If you inspect these screenshots, the first 2 are from the scammer's account. The third one on the far right is mine. You will see I have 726 posts (used to have 727 because I deleted my kids pic yesterday). I have been posting since 2015.

Pay attention to the details. This will save you the trouble in the future. Scammers don’t have the history as compared to the legitimate account. They make it seem like they do by screenshotting (I think that’s a word) a lot of your pictures so they can create a fake account within 1 day. All of their posts will be posted within a short period of time.

This particular scammer went as far as to take a screen shot of my page and post it to their Instagram story claiming I was the fake page. They are truly taking it to another level.

Remember: Their MO is to immediately direct message you once you have accepted their friend request. They will tell you they are drawn to give you a reading, get you to engage and then will ask you to pay. I WILL NEVER SOLICIT YOU FOR A READING. It's very unprofessional and unethical to do so.

Again, Please report them immediately if you receive a request of any sort. They are not a legitimate account and they will scam you.

Thankfully with some help, I have found out where they are located and have reported them on Instagram.

I hope all is well in your world otherwise!

Sending Love & Blessings,

Maria 🙏🏼❤️


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