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Karmic 𝓒𝔂𝓬𝓵𝓮𝓼

From the Drafts Vault. This is something I wrote a while back. Coincidentally enough I had recently posted about Karma and happen to stumble on this note in a place I hadn’t looked in or used for a long while. I don’t remember writing it down. This kind of thing has happened to me a lot lately.

So let’s get to it!

From January 8, 2021:

There is a school of thought that the energy of Karma keeps you tethered to reincarnating on Earth and to this dense 3rd dimensional reality. Not so. You as a soul have a choice to come back so as to work through the karma created...or don’t. If you choose to come back to work through it, you pick up where you left off. the imprints and energies of that karmic cycle comes back when you “land”. Just as with Life Lessons, it’s a choice you make while in between incarnations. The reason why a Soul chooses to come back to this world is because it knows it will get the most experience from it but really what it comes down to is following through what you started.

Looking at it from a prior point of view & my “living” perspective I say my soul is out of its damn mind for thinking we need to come back here and do this. But I have come to terms with it. For most of my life I have said to myself “ I am not coming back!” It then evolved to “well if I come back at least add this and that on there!” But at this point in my life it doesn’t matter because I’m working through it all as much as I can and life allows. It is what it is. I do understand the following through part because that’s how I am with everything I do here in this matter how hard.

However I’m happy to report and glad to see a pattern of folks having clearing their Karmic cycles. Although it was worked through at the point I met with them and the future is still dependent in their choices and whether they create more but they have done the hard work and “got caught up” in that debt. I have to say that was the amazing thing I saw in my client sessions in 2020. Y’all are rock stars and badasses! Keep up the good work!”

Fast forward to the present:

**Side note: I was flipping through some old books and the words "...we would say that the concept of Karma is an effect, it is not a cause.." from the book Between Death and Life. This served as a trigger for the string of thoughts coming through.**

Simply put...The Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

You are not bound by Karma. We are not trapped by it unless you perceive it that way.

You, as the Soul, choose to come back again and again to achieve balance, to experience and gain perspective.

Our human-ness gives Karma the attributes of good and bad when it is simply energy being created by our choices and our actions.

Energy is neutral. We assign the polarity of our own choosing. What we get back in return has 3 Universal Laws at play here, one of them being the Law of Attraction, whether we purposefully seek it out or the situation organically presents itself back to us like a boomerang. This is not to blame you for difficult or traumatic circumstances. There are soo many variables at play with this and why we experience so many of things we do and why some do not. It depends on what we planned on experiencing whether through the lens of Karma, Balance, Experience or Perspective. There is so much to be said about all of it but I’ll keep this post short. Just food for thought.

Remember you are a very Powerful creator whether you do it consciously or subconsciously, aware of it or not.

Sending Love,


PS - I still think y’all are rock stars and badasses! Continue alchemizing energy and creating magic!


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