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Like attracts like?

"Birds of a feather flock together"

I'm sure you've heard it a million times. I used to think it only meant that we are who we hung out with. Which is true to an extent. I understood it as whoever you "happen" to hang out with or interact with perhaps through work or school was a reflection of who you are, it defined you. I could never get on board with that because it didn't. But it can be also true to an extent. It can also mean being on either extremes of the you purposefully seek out those that you want to associate with or keep out those with the type of energy you don't want to invite into your life. Which is indeed an aspect depending where you are in your life.

That being said what I'm speaking of is yet another aspect of it, and that is you being the magnet to attracting and matching the energy of other people and situations that is undesirable to you.

I do believe like attracts like but there is also all the in between.

Nothing is ever black or white. I have friends and acquaintances who are each in of all stages possible in life. Some are going through very hard times, self sabotaging times and some have their ish together. I also have friends and family who I see don't think for themselves and follow the herd....and I have some that are woke... and there is everyone in between.

I feel you can still interact with folks who are at different stages of their lives so long as you keep your intention and your energy game strong. By keeping your intention and energy solid, you will still attract that which you want to attract. You are utilizing that co-creative energy and creating your reality. If you are going through a phase of anger, sadness, grief, hostility...yes you will attract those kinds of people and situations. If you stay in that energy long enough and frequently enough. I'm not talking about brief or triggering moments. What I'm talking about is staying in that energy for far too long.

We are human and have those ranges of emotions for a reason. It's about being mindful when those moments become long lived. Catching those moments, allowing yourself to work through those emotions and resolving it. Sometimes it will be quick and sometime it will take a while to work through.

But let me also say this, if you are at a point in your life where you need to set up the best possible supportive environment for your successful outcome because you're vulnerability, then you do what's necessary and if it is required for you to be mindful with whom you interact with...then definitely keep certain people and situations out of your range. It really depends on where you are at in working through your own stuff.

Follow your intuition on that.

There are those those times where we it takes an extended period of time to work through our own stuff. We may be having a hard go at it.

If you do encounter those times, remember to ask yourself, why is this affecting me this way? Why is this triggering me? Chances are there is underlying energy (situation, belief system or trauma) that you forgot about or buried deep. In that case, when you ask yourself these questions, it will be revealed to you. At that point you can choose to work on it to resolve it in whatever form suits you, if you are ready. You also have the choice to put it on hold. It depends on what you feel you want to do at that moment but keep your end goal strong. The end goal helps us direct our focus. So so we can transmute the mental and emotional programming or trauma that keeps us from moving out of that energy. In one way or another.

Just know that whatever it is you are going through (or might go through), make sure you set the intention to figure it out, to work through it, resolve it. Your end game will keep you from getting stuck in that energy and in a forever loop of being on it, attracting people and situations that match it. It will get you through that phase, no matter how long it takes you, and help you reach that positive outcome for yourself. And when you do, You will shine so bright you will light the way for others that are in similar situations...even if your intention wasn't ever to do that for others. That's how our energy works. How cool is that?

You my friend are a badass limitless multi-dimensional Being who always has dominion over your own energy. You can change and can do anything at a drop of a hat.

Remember that.

Much love,



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