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live, love, laugh!!!

Happy Friday Friday Friday Errr'body! 

You know those urgings to joke around, to make light of things, to laugh at situations, to go do something fun? That, my dears, are your Joy Guides at work. We sometimes get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to do what brings us joy. We forget to laugh, to bring the joy in our daily lives (even in the smallest of ways), to go out and have fun, to do something for you. When you listen to those nudges you become more and more in tune with your Joy Guides. They inspire you to do what you love, set you up to bring love into your life, to laugh, delight and shine your light in all that you do. You can also call on them in times of grief, sadness and loneliness. They nudge you as a reminder and are there when you need them.

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Those little nudges may look something like feeling excited about going home tonight and settling in with a movie and a big bowl of popcorn (or a glass of wine 😁), planning a dinner date with friends OR going out for a night of dancing. If it brings you JOY, doooo ittttt. Doing it brings more Joy into your life. I love to laugh, to joke around, I always am finding the humor in situations, music electrifies me and I love to dance. Laughter, fun and passion does a body good, it does your soul good. And it's infectious! Your Joy Guides work through you. Others see how your light is shining and follow suite. There can't be enough joy in the world right?! At the end of the day, it is truly about bringing and maintaining balance into your life. And we have helpers in Spirit assisting us with this endeavor if you do so choose to accept the help. Have a blessed weekend! And don't forget to have some fun! 💗

With Love,



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