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Live New Moon Guided Meditation with ArchAngel Uriel on FB and IG

Hello Loves,

The New moon is tomorrow, Wednesday April 22nd at 9:26 pm central. I have recently started to provide a free New Moon guided meditation on my Facebook and Instagram pages. This will be the 3rd month I go live on both pages. Generally, the New Moon is a

time for renewal, reset and reconnecting to yourself, your life, your goals, what you aim to achieve and transform. I don't typically know who I'm working with and what energies I am working with until days before. This month I have been guided to do a guided meditation with ArchAngel Uriel to help you invoke the energy of alchemy, clarity/understanding of wisdom received and the motivation to create and continue to create that thing you need to transform, know and create. Being an Angel Intuitive is one of the many hats I wear and trainings I've undergone. Channeling, Communing and healing with the Angels was actually the first field of study I underwent on my own and then formally. I work alot with the ArchAngels and even though I work with them on a daily basis, the work I do with them publicly ebbs and flows. Depending on what is needed at the time, you will see these kinds of workings with them sprinkled throughout the year. This month I am guided to use an old technique (but new to me) of alchemy and manifestation during this New Moon guided meditation. So bring the “thing” you want to alchemize and achieve for the live guided meditation.

I will be going up at 9pm central on Wednesday 4-22-2020 ❤️

Blessings and Love to you All,⠀



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