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...Love never Fails

When you generally carry love in your heart, you experience unconditional love. For the friend, the relative, your romantic partner, the stranger on the street. You will find you will go about your day with a smile on your face and generally exude a positive vibration. Now this doesn't mean you have to be perfect or you are gonna be perfect or you need to be perfect. We are living in this human experience and it won't be a in the box, straight line experience. We will have our off days, our days were we are down and out, or even pissed-off but for the most part that love energy you intend to have in your heart-ball will be your norm, your baseline and it will help you bounce back. It takes persistent practice at first but then eventually you will find it's your new norm.

You can use rose quartz crystals to help get you there, meditating with/invoking the Pink Ray, calling in AA Chamuel as well as asking your SG Team to come in to help you achieve this.


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