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my first channeling experience

My First Channeling experience wasn't what I thought it was going to be. But then again I didn't know what to expect except how I have witnessed others channelling. I thought it was going to be this full fledged, mouth-open-and-words-come-out type of first time experience. No one ever mentions that there are so many variables on how it plays out or what to expect as a first contact. How could I not think it would be subtle? It does all depend on what you are receptive to and what works for you in order to have that experience validated. It it also all depends on your comfort level or how much you surrender to the process. I wouldn't change the way it happened for me. Had it not happened that way, I would've dismissed it. It happened as it needed to happen, when it did happen for me. Nothing happens by chance. I mean, you have some wiggle and play room with how things happen but there is a reason why you are drawn to certain things.

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I finally started to seriously delve into the metaphysical rabbit hole at that point in my life. I always knew there were other Beings living in this vast universe in one way shape or form. I believed in muli-verses and dimensions without knowing why or having any way to explain it to someone to prove it. But I also never gave it any further thought or energy to seek it out...because life. One main reason was I stuffed the desire down to find out more it because of my ex-husband and, second, I was caught up in the shit-show called life. I was a workhorse at home and my job with no time left for myself. But I digress...

With the birth of my 2nd child came the feeling of urgency to get caught up with it. What "it" was I had no idea and didn't understand why there was this feeling of impending urgency...but I followed the breadcrumbs. Fairly new to all the ways communication can happen, my first draw was trance channeling. This drew me like a moth is to light. I consumed everything on channeling. One of the books I was reading during this time was "Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide" by Sanaya Roman.

So one day, I was helping a co-worker with her tech issues and I saw she had some items on her desk that were indicative of having like interests in the metaphysical arena and so I started asking questions. I was excited to finally find someone to talk to about this stuff. Turns out she was trained in the healing arts. To my surprise, a week later, she gifted me this decent sized double-terminated quartz crystal (about 2.5 inches long). She told me she was guided to give it to me. I had no idea what to do with it. I knew of crystals and knew they had specific supportive energy, but what did what was beyond me.

One night, I was rocking my baby to sleep with this quartz crystal in hand and as I drifted off into this hypnagogic state, I heard what simultaneously seemed like one echoey voice but at the same time it sounds like many echoey voices say "Arturians". As this was said, I saw in my mind's eye a sound wave tunnel projected from above, coming down into top left portion of my head and plant that right in there.

I was in the receiver mode (in hindsight). Soon after I heard this but still in this relaxed state, my conscious mind was like "what the hell just happened?" soon as soon as I realized this was not my mind or my voice, I snapped out of it this zone I was in. It took me a moment to realize what had just happened. My heart was racing. I placed my baby back in her crib and ran to do a google search. I searched and searched for "Arturian" or "Arthurian" as that was my frame of reference and thought it was what I heard...but it only resulted in King Arthur search hits. I came up empty.

After a few days of trying I decided to attempt to recall the experience. I sat still, quieted my mind and did a recall of the experience. In replaying that moment, I realized what I heard. I was spelling it wrong. It was "Arcturians". And believe me when I say that my jaw dropped as soon as I saw the results that came back. I had no knowledge or heard of them before then.

This is how the start of this leg of my journey unfolded. And it will play out differently for you if you are drawn to explore this area of communication, your experience might be entirely different. What it really comes down to is having no expectations and practice being in the receiver mode. Do your self development work. Work on eliminating your preconceptions of how you feel about it and what it is supposed to be. Practice raising your frequency and work from your your heart space. Be comfortable with this type of communication before starting but also be sure to practice discernment with who you connect with. Do the work as you are guided.

Hindsight is always 20/20. I now know they've been there with me before this conscious contact. But I was definitely aware they were there after that night. Peeking in every now and again, nudging and working with me as I would allow. This happened 11 yrs ago. I've been meaning to share this story for years and just never got around to it. I felt guided again to do so recently. My journey is still unfolding. I'm still learning about them. I am not going by what others have found or saying. I am finding out for myself through my own experiences and connection. I always say I am and forever will be a student.

Sending Love,



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