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My List of Highly Recommended Spiritual Teachers

My list of Highly Recommended Spiritual Teachers

It doesn't matter if you are new to the scene or have been at it for a while, we are always in a continual space of learning, changing and evolving. At first you will find yourself as the student and eventually you will be in a interchangeable role of student and teacher. So if you are a Psychic, Medium, Healer....these people are the go-to-bomb-diggity....YO! :)

I have quite a few teachers that have taught me invaluable lessons both in Spirit and in the Physical. And it is my pleasure to introduce to you my teachers/mentors in the flesh, listed in the order of whom I started with until the present and still working with. These are the dear Angels I've had the pleasure to learn from & work with…

Psychic Mediumship

I highly recommend Psychic Mediums Amanda Linette Meder and Lindsay Marino as Mediumship teachers and mentors if you are looking to develop as a Psychic and Medium.

I took Amanda's 13 week mediumship training which was phenomonally extensive and intensive as well as had a left brain approach that worked for me. Her teachings will always be with me. She no longer offers that 13 week course as it has evolved to a monthly on-going training membership platform that is perfect for any level you find yourself presently in. The themes cover the spectrum of psychic and mediumship development, How Tos in the practice and biz end of it and everything in-between you can think of (and probably won't think of) to include channeling messages from spirit for you, meditations, lessons accompanied by videos, ebooks, etc. I went to Amanda scared and unsure and made it through her 13 week training validated that I wasn't crazy, very much sane and eventually evolved into me being a member of her community as a continuing education.

Lindsay offers an 8 week Intuition Development course, 8 week Mediumship Development course (all levels) as well as a mentoring program. I found Lindsay 6 months after my 13 week intensive mediumship training to overcome this lingering stage-fright self doubt that was crippling me. Her weekly mediuimship spirit circles, techniques to recognize the art of allowing and recognizing resistance helped me overcome my hump as well were my major take aways from her mediumship course. She is presently hosting a student only weekend retreat training for those signing up for her next round of courses!

Both are wonderful heart-centered teachers that will give you their most sincerest time and advice as you develop and grow your abilities. Both ladies provide ongoing support in their Facebook groups. This is not a paid endorsement. This is honest to goodness feedback. These gals are a whole bunch of awesomeness!


Monica Tyler was brought into my radar by pure synchronicity. I had been drawn to learn since I started actively pursuing and researching metaphysics and spirituality. AND I RESISTED. I kept shooting it down thinking there was no way I could be one. Several years later, I don't know how or why, but I found her and my perspective changed. We had a alot in common and the whole scenario fit perfectly into my life. She is extremely knowledgeable and talented Teacher and healer. If you are looking for a Shamanic Teacher, please visit her site

I caught wind of Sarah Petruno's online teachings after I found Monica. I have taken Sarah's classes as a supplemental classes from Why? I always like to learn different styles and explore and learn from different people and especially felt called to do so :) I like to find out the techniques I resonate with and can incorporate into my practice. Her teachings has resonated with me and has validated that the healing modalities that I've learned were in preparation to what I was learning at the time and that energy healing, even though done slightly differently, are basically the same. I have still yet to explore some of Sara's teachings and do look forward to further to learning some more from her. She offers meditations, ebooks and self paced online learning. Starting out, I purchased her Shamanic Basics eBook. This helped me understand that there were many paths to shamanism. This is and was a very good supplemental reading to the readings as assigned by my Shaman Teacher, Sandra Ingerman's Shamanic Journeying.

Channel & Basically Everything Psychic Teacher

And last but NOT LEAST, there is Crystal Anne Compton. Spiritual Teacher, Coach and Channel. Crystal has a plethora of knowledge. She gets to the nitty gritty of answers to all of what you need to know from A to Z. This woman is a walking encylopedia y'all. I have followed Crystal for years before I finally decided to take a class. And she did not disappoint AT ALL. When you work with Crystal you will receive attunements and then some. She delivers way more content then is promised when you sign up to work with her. She is very easy going, down to earth and very relatable! If you decide to take any of her classes, you will not be disappointed! I have taken her Everything Psychic and Supercharge Your Life with Symbols class. Both invaluable. She also has just recently come out with an All About Angels class which I heard from my peers is phenomenal!

I hope this has helped in your quest to find quality, highly recommended teachers in the spiritual and metaphysical arena. Here is also a list of books I've have read that helped me through my journey. Feel free to email me at with any questions on these lovely ladies and their classes. I never recommend people I have not interacted with or classes I have not taken. I couldn't in good conscious do otherwise. The people I chose to be my mentors and teachers have to be very sincere, heart-centered, approachable people. Otherwise, what's the point?

All my LOVE,



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