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My Shamanic path

"The Spirit of Flight, the force responsible for the powers of movement of the wind and air, has gathered around her all the flying things she loves. Birds, insects, flying fish, swirling leaves, seeds of dandelions and sycamore trees, butterflies and fairies all dance around her in a grand array of wild free motion." ~ Josephine Wall

I finally caved and started my Shamanic apprenticeship. What do I mean by “caved” you ask? When I first starting actively working on my spiritual & psychic development the first thing that came into my radar was... you guessed it, Shamanism. I felt a strong attraction to it, an urge to learn it, I read into it but I thought myself crazy and decided I wasn’t qualified or good enough to do that kind of work. I was born and raised in a urban neighborhood and now live with my 2.5 kids in suburbia for the last 15 years. My painted picture of a Shaman was one who lives in a very remote area like the Amazon Jungle and is fully living as one with nature, unplugged...

Just to sum things up, I am a nature child. I love being out in the sun feeling the warmth on my skin, inhaling the breeze, smelling the fragrances of the plant life that it carries, as well as enjoying the beauty of the landscape that is nature. If I see a spider in my house, I’ll grab a cup and stiff card, scoop it up, cover it and take it outside. Same with all other critters that I find in my house. It bothers me when people kill insects (or mistreat animals for that matter) when they are outside just because they happen across them. I mean it doesn't make any sense as they are in their domain and aren’t bothering anyone. But even though, I don’t judge. We all are here to experience our physicality in this life. It’s not mine to decide but it doesn’t mean I’ll not say something about it. I do anything and everything I can to live a sustainable life that will support and help Mother Earth (and all life on her including us) flourish. I aim to live in sync with our earth in every way I can, whenever I can while living in suburbia. So there you have it..I have the utmost respect for all forms and walks of life. I’m accepting of all cultures, races and religions. I’m supportive of your beliefs even though they may not jive with mine. ….on the other hand I am also used to having a smartphone, the convenience of a Drive Thru, driving my SUV and drinking my lattes. I have worked in the Information Technology field for 20 years. Not so Shaman-like eh? Sooo, there was a conflict within me on that. I mean a bit contradictory right?? For the past several years, it has come up front and center a handful of times (or perhaps it was I that kept going back to it without even realizing it?) and each time I would get that pull, an urge to do it but then my internal monologue would be like “Are you nuts?! I’m not worthy. You don’t fit the bill. There’s no way I can do that! I have to be doing X, Y and Z to be even qualified to be a Shaman” and ended with pushing it away…again…and again…and again. But I've realized there are Shamans walking among large cities, in suburbs, corporate offices, housewives, small business owners, your neighbor. Shamans are Lightworkers who have done this work before in past lives. They are now sprinkled everywhere across the globe bringing awareness of spirituality and healing to their communities. Long gone is the notion that Shamans are only a part of indigenous tribes in South America, Europe or Asia. Well, this year things went into high gear again as it sometimes has happened throughout my spiritual journey. There has been a series of "fortunate" events that has happened especially this year through the course of self discovery, experiences, synchronicities, healings and readings I have received from other gifted psychic mediums to include my mentors and teachers Deborah Debari and Amanda Linette Meder. My Spirit Guides of course have been guiding me to do this all along but God forbid I listen to their advice <insert sarcasm here>. Don’t get me wrong. I follow their advice. I've been better about it since I've connected with them on a conscious level...just not always :) They have been telling me all along that this is the path to take. But as the old saying goes “everything happens for a reason!” Everything is in alignment do this at this point in my life. (Or maybe this is the universe's way of saying " it is on a silver would ya hurry up already!") It’s like when your mom tells you not to do something and you do it anyway and end up finding out how it all turns out the hard way. Do ya feel me on that one? This time around, however, the opportunity just fell perfectly into place. It was too convenient. It fit perfectly into my budget and schedule, with a person I totally felt comfortable with from the very first time we crossed paths and set at a pace that I could handle. A mentor I just “happen to find” (which as you know there aren’t any coincidences) a few towns over (which is a big deal in of itself!). It became obvious to me that this wasn’t going away and that this was something I needed to do. The only difference is now I’m in a different place and have a different perspective. I won’t lie and tell you I’m totally gung-ho. I’m excited as I’ve always been about it. But I’m taking it a step further and now I am actually putting forth action to make this happen. I’m nervous as heck about this and dreading it at the same time. It means my life will change again. It means I will find more stuff under the next peeled onion layer to discover, heal and evolve. It’s uncomfortable but it feels right. I’m stepping outside of my box again. I second-guessed myself all the way up to my first session with my mentor. I felt the resistance of not wanting to do it but yet conflicted and knowing I had to. So much so I started to feel physically ill, nervous, nauseous….all strong symptoms of resistance. An excuse for me to cancel. But I recognized it for what it was and although it was a close call to push it away once again, I pushed through it. Once I did, I didn’t regret it. In my first session, I couldn’t help but think “why didn’t I do this sooner?” All of the things I was being taught and told during my first session were things I’ve known deep down all of my life. They were the spiritual tenets I’ve resonated with and have been incorporating into my life. It all made so much sense to me, it made so much about myself make sense and it really resonated. Weirdly enough, although I have never immersed myself in this before, I felt as if I already knew all of this. Now, days after that first session, I’m still experiencing somewhat of that second-guessing and that doubt …that not wanting to step outside of my box. But it’s different now. I have this knowing this is what I need to do for my soul’s path. It has been made clear for me that this is the next step. But somehow, some way, even though I know I will never stop learning new things about the spirit world, spirituality, healing and all things metaphysics, it feels like things will finally come together for me and the dust will finally start settling. Yeah, I know it would seem that I have my “stuff” together but do we EVER REALLY stop the perpetual pattern of evolving or bettering yourself? There is always that next step. That next thing that wasn’t even on your radar until you completed that last one. I would never in a million years thought I’d be doing this. But, yet, here I AM. It’s been a world wind since I started on my awakened path several years ago. It took taking the training and obtaining certifications in becoming a Reiki Master, Angel Intuitive Practitioner, Akashic Soul realignment Practitioner and (finally realizing that I was a Medium) training in mediumship that brought me full circle to Shamanism. If you really look at it…a Shaman is basically all those things. A Shaman is a healer and a Medium. They deliver messages from spirit and they utilize the assistance of the spirit world from the different realms and the elements as well as provide consult. They channel healing energies. Sometimes to asssist with healing your physical body a Shaman will recommend certain herbs, oils and changes in diet if necessary to assist in your overall healing. They serve as a guide and consult their “tribe” of people on such matters. They do all of those things for their community of people. So, if you look at it in the perspective of a bird’s eye view, even though I didn’t take the traditional Shaman path I essentially trained for it in no uncertain terms. Now I’m ready to take on that traditional training. I will be taking this journey with my mentor for the next 2 years. I hope to be able to impart with you the wisdom I learn as I walk down this path. Yes, I admit, I’m a bit scared and nervous about this new adventure. But I’m also excited and most importantly open to learning new ways and finding the new possibilities it will bring to help heal me and my tribe - yes, that would be You ;) Until next time my friends….



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