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shifting out of depressed energy

Depression is an energy. As with any mental or emotional state we are in, sometimes we get stuck in this energy. And left unattended to, will eventually manifest into physical symptoms and health issues.

We all have something that triggers an emotion. The emotion triggered could be happiness, sadness, depression or anger. Most times we aren't even aware of those triggers. This is the time of year where a lot of us tend to feel depression, sadness or anger. For some, it happens all year round.

In this video I go through some tips to help shift you out of the energy of depression. However you can use this for any other emotional and mental state. This will help you stay strong and resilient this holiday season or any season for that matter.

I've been nudged by to create and share this video with you all for the past 2-ish weeks. I'm still trying to get the hang of doing YouTube videos. So hopefully it reaches who all it needs to reach.

Sending love and blessings ❤️


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