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slow down...stop and smell the roses. There is few energies at play here...

OOF... I am feeling the need to slow down, to rest. There is a few energies at play here. If you have been feeling the same way for the last few days as well, this may be why...

I have had an intense couple of weeks of work and I'm coming off the weekend feeling super tired. Not feeling particularly enthusiastic today either. Mondays are usually very high powered and rearing to go kind of days for me. Feeling a bit more energized today but having my moments where my body is making me slow down and rest. I find although I want to keep going, it is much needed. This is also giving me the space to appreciate what I have, refocus and reassess priorities.

The New moon is tomorrow. In the days leading up to the New moon, I feel extra tired, needing extra sleep, to slow it down and not do busy. The energy of the New moon is the where we take stock in our lives, of what we have and want, set intentions for goals we want to reach or recommit to. In the days before the New moon is a period of "sleep", when it goes dark. And in the days after is when the new moon shifts into a waxing phase, where there is a period of awakening and illumination. Take notice of how you sync up with theses cycles.

I am no expert in astrology (wish I had the time to learn it all), however I know a thing or 2 and do notice the patterns as they are happening. Especially as I pay attention to the reports as my Astrology friends give them. It is very validating. So the advice being given during this time of Mercury Retrograde, (as with any other, but more so now) is to take it sloooow. Slow it down. Notice the messages your intuition is giving you and take heed. You are less likely to make mistakes and pay attention to the details. Helps with communication and how we handle situations in our lives during this time.

I'm sure you have intended on getting things done, working through your tiredness but your body is making you sloooow it the heck matter how hard you try not to. If you are feeling this way, this is your body's way of telling you to slow it down, rest. Your body is an intuitive compass.

Listen to it. Honor those messages your body gives you. Honor those subtle messages your intuition gives you. These are the nudges you must follow for your own good.

I fight it sometimes. I challenge it. But not for long. I know better to listen to my body and have also reaped the consequences of not listening to my intuition. I surely don't want to experience burnout and make rash decisions. Not fun!

We process a lot of energy daily. Take extra care of yourself. Don't forget to take your vitamins and drink your daily water intake. Get that extra sleep or veg out session on the couch. You will need it more than you know

Slow it down. Stop and smell the roses 🥀🌷🌹

Sending Love,



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