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...on "Spiritual Bypassing"

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

There has been so much talk about how so many are spiritually bypassing in this current climate of politics and injustices happening across the board. Mostly in the spiritual community. Spirtual folk pitted up against spiritual folk. I'm going to be me and be blunt here...NO ONE can Spiritual Bypass. It just simply isn't possible...

We are ever changing and ever evolving. You can postpone it maybe or control the speed of which you process things but you can’t avoid shadow work. You can’t avoid healing. You can’t avoid ancestral healing. You can’t avoid changes and adjustments to your life in light of course correcting. You can’t avoid facing your triggers. You can’t avoid the lower vibratory emotions. It’s literally impossible. It all will just come back up and keep bubbling up and bubbling up until it explodes in your face ...and then it becomes the school of hard knocks.

You are always in a state of self & spiritual development no matter how small or profound. So you aren’t spiritually bypassing because you couldn’t if you tried. Some of us go kicking and screaming and some of us do not. The first will move through their self & spiritual development a lot slower but that is for no one to judge. Some may not even be conscious of it. You do what you have to do to get from point A to point B. All you can do is be open to the possibility that you’re stalling that part of the process and be open to take things as they come. Once you acknowledge that, everything else will follow & fall into place as it should.

For anyone to try to stay centered in their light while living in this third dimensional reality, whilst healing your traumas as it organically comes up & while ascending through those break throughs is nothing to sneeze at no matter how fast or slow you do it. Keep anchoring that light. I give MAD props to you for allowing yourself to do your shadow work at your own pace and in your own divine timing. It takes courage and strength to just be here and do this thing we call Life.




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