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Soul Realignment Session Explained

Soul Realignment is an Akashic Record Healing modality. In the beginning, as I embarked on learning this modality, I wasn't aware there were other methods to read the Akashic Records. However, I haven't come across one so specific and laser focused on finding out who you are at soul level, identifying your energetic blocks and most importantly clear them. As a matter of fact, I don't think I have seen another Akashic Record healing modality out there other than this one....

All types of readings are healing in one form or another. A Soul Realignment clearing session is very specific in what is looked for that affects you NOW. It is really in-depth, exploratory healing work that is done from the fifth dimensional perspective - in this case within your Akashic Record. A Soul Realignment session is a 5 part process... Starting out with finding out your soul level attributes and energetic makeup. I find out what aspects create your soul's blueprint and how these divine aspects keep you in the flow of your life. It gives us a road map to how you can align the choices you make in accordance with your divine nature and if you are already doing that. Aligning the way you make choices relative to this enables you to manifest what you want in your life easily. Second, finding out which blocks and restrictions are affecting you at your present moment. These are blocks that have been carried over into this present life from past lives as well as blocks that have been created in this life. It can be a myriad of things such as unjustified karmic patterns, vows, contracts and attachments... just to name a few :) In addition, I find out how those blocks were created through the choices made by you in lives past and present. The third element is revealing and explaining the findings to you so that you understand on a conscious level how these blocks and restrictions were created and how the choices you made perpetuated those blocks and restrictions. It is important for you to understand this so that you are aware of how not to make those same choices again. Forth is the clearing work performed within your record. Once I have gone over my findings and you have a clear understanding of how these energetic blocks came to be, clearing work is performed for you within your Akashic Record. The clearing portion of the work opens doors for you that weren't previously an option so that you can move on and create the life that you love. Finally, after our session is complete, I create a 21-day transmutational meditative prayer practice (unique to your situation) for you to follow in order to accelerate the integration process at the third dimensional level - conscious and subconscious levels. This 21-day practice will give you a jump start on the changes being made emotionally, mentally and physically. Now there is another element that I throw into the mix... That added element is a message from Spirit. Something I didn't plan on doing when I initially set out to do this kind of work. During your session, members of your spirit team may chime in to add any additional information they want you to know that will help you with whatever issues you are dealing with and/or advice to help speed up the process having to do with what we are covering. All in all about 2-2.5 hours work from start to finish. It is pretty intense, lengthy and involved process. So who is this for? A Soul Realignment Session is no joke. It's for people who are serious about making some major changes in their lives. Energy will be transmuted. Shifts will happen. You have to be ready to live that change moving forward otherwise, like any other energy work, it will be all for not. In the end, it's all about what you are willing to continue to do after the session to keep that momentum going moving forward. What is the whole point of getting this done? The whole point of this is to finally be rid of the baggage you've been carrying from life to life to life that has slowed you down (and for many to almost a halt). But in order for that to happen, I have to find out about you at soul level. So not only will you find out what is holding you back, you will finally have an understanding of who you are as a soul. You will find out what makes up your soul's primary energetic center, you will find out about your soul group of origination, the star system you first incarnated in before deciding to move on to this wonderful marbled planet, whether your soul has mostly incarnated as female or male or both, the periods of history and philosophies that has had an ongoing positive influence on your soul...and that's just to give you an idea. There is more. But the best thing is... Even though you go into your next Incarnation a more evolved soul cleared of all the yuck you had been carrying around for many lives, you've done some serious soul searching and soul work in this life that will set you up for the next. But who wants to think of their next incarnation right? I know that's not something I considered when I first had this done for myself years ago, let alone being concerned about it at this moment.... BUT it is an added bonus! What's most important is that you will definitely reap the rewards in this life and that IS what matters! You get that reboot you soo needed for the longest time, for many lives even. The practice of being in the present moment, maintaining a balance in your life and enjoying life to the fullest becomes much more easier to do :) So if you feel nudged to do a Soul Realignment reading and clearing session, it is time to up-level yourself. Your soul is telling you it is time to heal and clear yourself of residual energies preventing you from moving forward. It is one of those sessions that will help you push through that proverbial wall you find yourself repeatedly coming up upon. If you find that you are coming up on a brick wall on certain situations in your life and you have tried everything to overcome those patterns, it is time. Perhaps certain patterns keep happening like a broken record ranging from issues with abundance, love, relationships, and health but you don't know why? Yup, this is definitely the thing to do. That is it in a nutshell... XOXO!



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