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spirit guides

What exactly is a Spirit Guide?

A Spirit Guide is a non-physical Being who agreed to assist, guide and hold space for you through out your incarnation. This agreement was made when you were making your Soul's plan for this lifetime. They care for us like a guardian Angel would but not serving exactly as that role. Spirit Guides assist us in our life's processes and transformations as well as helps us navigate through life. A Spirit Guide is typically a Being who has mastered, at some level, life lessons and can serve as a SME in your life. They may or may not have incarnated with you in a past life. Spirit Guides either serve you exclusively or serve the many depending on whether they are in your inner or outer circle of Guides 😊

Are Spirit Guides a "New Age" thing?

NOPE. It isn't New Age fluff. This belief system spans many cultures and religions throughout the ages. Even though different cultures call Spirit Guides by different names, there are amazing similarities across the board.

You will find different cultures and traditions will hold hugely different perspectives and practices when it comes to communicating with Spirit Guides. I invite you to find out more about it with respect to your unique culture. If you look up "spirit guides (type country of origin here)" you fill find information on what your cultural lineage's perspective and practices are 😊

Who they are, who they can be...

You have an Inner and Outer Circle of Guides. Your Inner Circle of Guides are your Soul Group in spirit helping you execute what you have planned before incarnating as well as any impromptu freewill deviations you decide to folllow through with. They help you with your personal endeavors. They typically consist of your Guardian Angel andSouls whom you have incarnated with in a past life. Although present life passed loved ones can step in to help as well throughout your life. Your Outer Circle of Guides are the Light Beings who serve the masses such as Source/God/Goddess, Angels, ArchAngels and Ascended Masters.

How they communicate with you and you with them..

They communicate with you in 2 different ways: internally and externally. Through internal nudges, sensations, feelings, dreams and telepathy as well as external signs, symbols and good samaritan actions from other people as well as through overheard converstations.

How you can meet them on a conscious level...

There are a few ways you can do this. You can connect with them through dreams subconsciously, consciously through just speaking to them through out your day or through meditation. Consciously interacting with them through regular day-to-day conversation and through meditation would also be how you would build a relationship with them.

Another way to connect with them is through a Session with me. One of the sessions I offer is a Spirit Guide Reading. I use both the Akashic Records and Mediumship ability to dive deep to find out who they are, what role they play in your life, the energy they bring to the table, a bit about their back story such as their star origins as well as finding out how you can recognize when they connect with you on your own.

Do you reeeally need to have someone else to help you get started or tell you who your Spirit Guides are? Absolutely not! you can very well do this yourself which is why I love to help show folks how to do it themselves. However, some of us need a kickstart because either it's just how you want to get started with it, you need validation OR you've been having a bit of trouble trusting and surrendering to the communication process.

Trust and believe your Spirit Guides are always with you, working with you and guiding you in the background. Everyone of us has a team in spirit helping us navigate through this lifetime, helping us to achieve what we set out to achieve upon coming into this physical body.

But if you want to bring their presence and your conscious awareness of them to the forefront then you obviously are working on opening that way of communicating with them. If you are looking for a kick start way to do this, then consider booking a Spirit Guide Reading session with me. If you felt a pull to this type of reading, then you've been "guided" to do it 😊

Sending Love,



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