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struggling with believing you are really channeling energy?

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

One of the wonderful ladies I coach initially came to me with the goal of helping her take her abilities to the next level. She is a reader and a healer. Like me in the very beginning, she struggled with believing she could do healing work or it wasn’t working for her because of the lack of tangible evidence/feedback she received. She did know it worked and made a difference deep down but on a left-brain conscious level, she needed feedback.

But she hadn’t been putting it to practice on a regular basis. After getting her on a regular schedule, she emailed me about a young cancer patient she had been sending remote energy healing to who had turned around for the better. She was so excited to have finally received the validation she needed. I was so excited for her and hearing this great news about this youngin’!

Just as with anything in this work, whether you are are a reader or healer, it is hard when you don’t know if it’s working or don’t receive feedback. It does help when you can see the results of the efforts you are putting in any way shape or form. Trust me I know!

I have been where you are and had a hard time getting on board. I knew I couldn’t get hung up on that and just had to trust, and surrender to the process. It took a while. But remember, you aren’t going to always get the kind of feedback you expect or want...and you won’t always know how it helps others. You basically have to go on faith that it will do as it should. You will get validation here and there. The more I practice Reiki the more tangible it gets and the more you won’t need the feedback or know how it affects others.

In the meantime, if you struggle with this, I suggest you journal any and all feedback you receive so when you are in doubt, you can go back and read those moments and be reminded that you can do it and it does work. It will get you through those moments of doubt and disbelief.

You've had the power to channel that healing energy all along, my dear

Sending Love,



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