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Take what resonates & let the rest be

If you find that you don't totally resonate with someone's teaching, take what does and move on. No need to bash them for it. I have witnessed many people with big followings who spoke negatively of a group of people in a specific field. We are all going through life figuring things out and a rant or two may be in order, nothing wrong with that...but don't dwell on it and move on. Do it with a trusted friend but not to hang out to dry for all to see. Ego is a tricky thing and we easily can get caught up in the imbalance of it and end up in the space of judgment then it makes its rounds like a bad cold. Who needs that kind of energy floating around?

The thing is, we aim to keep our frequency and vibration high. And as difficult as it is to do these days, try to come from a place of understanding that is their perspective. Even if you don't agree. I can say with certainty, that every person who is sharing what the know, sharing their wisdom, their experience to any one group of people is serving a group of people that relates to them. The folks they are serving are there for THAT experience. Whether you are totally on board or not.

Approach everything with an open mind and heart. Take what you feel is right with you and leave the rest. What didn't resonate with you at first may come back around to be revisited if it serves your growth. There are many ways and methods to do that thing or achieve it, to shift perspectives, to evolve, to grow. In the end it all leads to the same end goal. And that is for you to expand your consciousness right? To release your mind, body and spirit from old programming to new thinking, feeling, knowing in order to realign your soul with your physical life. This is why it is said to walk your own path. Seek your own truth. Your truth may not be true for another. Although it's ok to model after something or someone else, in the end tweak it, go with what works and fits uniquely to you.


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