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things that Trigger you: how to figure out the what, the why and the how to heal it

Triggers are an indicator of aspects of ourselves we need to bring to light, analyze, understand and heal within ourselves. If you are having a bad day and everything is triggering you, then it just may be an off day. However, in either case, ask to be shown if any of it is something you need to bring to light. This is one of the aspects of what it means to heal ourselves. This is also shadow work. Bringing to light the shadow aspects of you. In this case specifically, the things that trigger you. Figuring out the what, the why and the how to heal it.

It is true what is said in that what triggers us is a mirror of what is bothering us. However that isn't always the case. To determine if it is healing that needs to be done in any situation, whenever you feel triggered by something and as soon as you realize this is triggering you, ask yourself “why is this triggering me?” And ask to be shown why. The answer will not come immediately as you are in the height of anger or frustration as a result of the trigger. But keep your awareness open for the synchronicities that follows. At the same token, the next time you go into a meditation, go in it with the intention of connecting to your Higher Self and your guides and finding any insight on the why, how and what. Journal any information you saw, heard, felt no matter if it made sense or not. As these are key pieces to the answers you seek. The information will either have made sense right away or will progressively unzip as the days wear on. Be sure to continue to journal your experiences and epiphanies.

Once you have been shown the answers, go into mediation to commune with your guides and ask for guidance to be directed and shown the resources you need to put into action the steps you need to take in order to manifest the healing.

Photo credit: Natalie Bright


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