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What is Shadow Work?

A lot of people have a misconception of what Shadow Work is. I wasn’t sure what to make of it when I first started down the healing path. Thoughts that did cross my mind: what the heck did this mean? was it of the evil? Was it doing malicious spells or workings? Was it black magick?

Nope. None of those. We always fear or are skeptical of what we don’t understand. So naturally we assume what it may sound like.

Shadow work is about going deep into the dark corners of your mental and emotional bodies as you are guided, to bring to light that which needs to be healed for your own good. They are the wounds that were buried deep that we didn’t want to face, handle or forgotten about. It sometimes bubbles up when we are on the path of personal and spiritual growth and sometimes we go digging around for it. It can originate in past lives or when you were a young child. It can present itself tucked discreetly behind a problem you've been having in your adult life or it may be the known prevalent core reason of a PTSD. But chances are you were already working on your shadow aspects without realizing far before there was a name for it.

Shadow work is bringing to light and healing:

  • the unresolved issues,

  • the experiences that created mental and emotional imbalances which remains hidden but yet is the seat to a reoccurring problem or pattern,

  • the feelings you still need to look at and be with which come up every time your triggered,

  • the traumas that were endured and buried to be dealt with later or forgotten.

These shadow aspects resides within each layer of ourselves as we peel away, process and heal. It can be very messy and rough. It can be on the surface or go very deep but it’s definitely work.

The more we can become aware of our mental & emotional triggers, the inner dialogue, our feelings as they truly are...the more we can heal and are able to transform. Rather than repressing them or suppressing them, or denying them, or wishing them to go away.

Both Energy Medicine and a great Therapist go hand in hand in this kind of healing work. Although Energy Medicine is definitely a tool to incorporate into your shadow work, always consider working with a great Therapist especially if you have gone through any kind of trauma or abuse.

Sending you Love & Healing.




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