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what is stuck energy?

Are you feeling off but you don't know why or what is causing it? Chances are you have a build up of stuck energy.

There is a quick way to take care of it when you are feeling this way. MOVE. Go for a walk, a run, do something physical to get those juices flowing and move that energy through your body. Get a massage, acupuncture or energy healing session scheduled in.

We are bio-electrical, multi-dimensional beings. Electricity is energy and it needs to flow. Emotions are energy and so it needs to flow.

When we are feeling stuck or off, it is because we have a build up of emotional energy that needs to be released, moved through. When we have a build up it is most likely because we haven't been on top of our self-care game.

As bio-electric, multi-dimensional beings we need to take care all aspects of ourselves. One aspect is taking care of our energetic body which most tend to deny exists and some of us just tend to neglect it. We are exposed to energy every day. Whether it is our own or picking up and taking on someone else's stuff.

Most importantly, incorporating daily energy techniques will help you keep this aspect of you healthy. In addition to exercise, do a daily focused meditation exercise of recalling your energy and cleansing your energetic body. You can do this either separate from your daily meditation or incorporate into the same session. ALSO, a hot salt bath can seal that deal beautifully 1-2x per week. Add some essential oils and/or herbs and some baking soda. Salt baths has physical and metaphysical properties. It clears and resets your physical AND energy bodies of shhhtuff you don't need.

I would soo love to be in this tub right now. Who wouldn't?

Remember you have to take care of you boo.

Sending Love,



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