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what to do while surviving the rona

My jeans fit! ...surviving the rona

Well back at the office today (because my day job and required) and I’m proud to say My jeans still fit! It’s been 5 days since I’ve had to put clothes on other than sweats or PJs, not working out at all last week and the past 2 days of eating like I’m preparing to run a marathon. It’s trivial I know but it’s the little things at this point. My small victories that I am grateful for.

How are you guys holding up? I hope and wish you all are staying well physically, emotionally and mentally.

Try not to watch the rona updates all day every day. If you need to just take peaks 1x per day but give yourself a break.

Make sure you exercise, take your supplements, up your vitamin c intake if you can, pull out and use your immune boosting remedies, drink plenty of warm liquids, meditate by connecting to your power center and to Source/God/Godess/All That Is (if only for 10 minutes if you’re a beginner), sit out on your porch or patio for some fresh air or go for a walk if you can especially on a sunny day to soak up some more of that vitamin D. Keep in touch with family and friends by holding a group video conference chat (i.e FaceTime, Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc).

And if you are super worried about your current state of health use the affirmation ”I AM HEALTHY. My Immune system is exceptionally strong and helps me stay well all the time. My Body is a super well oiled machine” whenever that worry pops in your mind...even if it’s hard to believe or convince yourself in the beginning. Say this several times a day for several times each time. Your subconscious will begin to execute the commands to your body after saying it for a period of time and your conscious mind will start to believe it. But remember to also take your supplements and continue to take the meds you are currently taking.

This will all help balance you and keep you well.

Sending you all blessings and love ❤️



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