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When you want to crawl under a rock...

Hey You! It’s ok to want to (or need to) take some time to take a break to do something that comforts and soothes you.

It helps to make this kind of appointment with yourself to disconnect from everything so you can have an opportunity to reconnect to yourself on a regular basis …to be present within your body, mind and heart. In turn it helps you show up in all aspects of your life even more powerfully.

It can look like going to bed early with a good book, a steaming cup of golden milk or matcha tea and just BE. Or whatever that thing is…Do whatever is soothing and brings you comfort.

Remember You deserve it!

As a Side Note ✍️ Incorporate taking care of your gut health on the daily. It affects your moods and mental health more than you know!

Sending Love 💕



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