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why you are a key component in a Mediumship reading

Did you know a Mediumship reading consists of a 3 point communication system and you as the recipient play a very important part? I’m always developing and learning my mediumship. I will always consider myself a baby in this field. Maybe when I reach the 20 year mark of doing this work is when I’ll consider myself seasoned but I will always be the student, always learning and my perspective shifting. One of the aspects I was reminded of recently in one of the mediumship groups I belong to brought this up and I thought to share this for those of you as a recipient in a reading. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


So here is the thing, you as the recipient are the most important aspect in the reading because you bring forth the energy that will dictate your session. You are the one that needs to set the intention for the reading. If you come with an open mind, open heart and with excitement, it will help fuel the energy and will help you connect to the information coming through. If you are closed off, have the skeptic energy, you are setting in the intent that you won’t accept the information coming through which can lead to not connecting the dots and what is termed psychic amnesia (not recollecting the evidence of life presented). You have the role of setting the intention for those connected to you in spirit. The medium opens and creates the avenue for communication to happen, but you as the recipient fuels the reading even though the Medium is communicating with the Spirit. So when a reading is bought for someone else who weren’t interested in it or aren’t open to it to begin with, makes it much harder for the Medium to conduct the reading. It’s not impossible to do either way but makes it a bit harder. Regardless, we want you to have a quality reading. So you as the recipient is 1/3rd of the energy that needs to be in it 100% to have a fantastic session. Also, the more of a need you have to heal from the connection made with Spirit, the more palpable the healing experience is 🦋💙


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